Terrell Sinkfield

Nice job by Sinkfield
12 punt returns for 112 yards, 1 for TD
1 kick return for 16 yards
2 rushes for 34 yards, 17 yards each rush!

Ran his PR's straight up the field, so avoids illegal block flags
He's got size, speed, power,hands and moves.(reminds me of me!

and a big thanks to the Argos for cutting Terrell a few weeks back. :smiley: :thup:

Absolutely. The new guy definitely did some fantastic work. While I definitely want to see Brandon Banks and Quincy McDuffie get healthy, it certainly seems a little less pressing with this guy on the roster. Am I the only person that thinks that we could go from a mediocre ground team to something far scarier with this guy and Gable healthy in the backfield?

No, you're not alone on that assumption. It appears that this combo would work well in the backfield since they can both run the ball and catch passes. In no way would I slight Banks or McDuffie however, One of these two guys could also add to a great pairing with a healthy Gable.

i like what Ozzy said about Terrell. " the only good thing lately to come out of Toronto"

and who can forget the " you can watch your dog run away for 3 days" regarding Sask.

im really liking the Cats TV :thup:

Terrell was on 900CHML tonight. It was reported that he ran a 4.19 on pro day. Just wow, that's the fastest I heard someone not named Bolt run!

My guess is Sammy is losing his starter role to Sinkwell and likely soon.

Sinkfield certainly had a great game, but one game isn't enough to gauge the greatness of a player. As Marcus Thigpen proved, you need at least two runbacks for that. :wink:

Not until we get Dyakowski and/or Wojt back to free up an extra “international” starting spot.

oh yah JFL.. the peskie ratio rule. the game within the game. :thdn:

Sam Scott or Sam Giguere?

Gig. and oops I spelled Terrell's last name wrong