Terrell Sinkfield 1000 yards!

Congratulations Terrell for reaching and surpassing the 1000 yard mark in yesterdays game against Ottawa for a season total of 1022 yards. Sinkfield has had a great year in Hamilton and been a leader on the young offence.

Keep it up next week in Ottawa, lets get the top spot in the CFL East!!


A side note: I was watching TSN at lunch today and they had a writers bloop, they advertised The Tiger-Cats at Ottawa RoughRiders game next Saturday at TD Place, Roughriders not Redblacks? Ah TSN is on the ball again!!

Taker reached the 1000 yd. mark too. His total is 12 yds. behind “Sink” and he’s played in 1 less game (13 vs.14). Both have been great this season. I expected Tasker would be but Sinkfield’s consistent performance, and now proven versatility, has been a surprise to me. He was also our leading rusher vs. Ottawa. Congrats and appreciation to both.

:thup: :thup:

You due man Sink :cowboy:

thanks for posting this BC, we needed something positive!
and lets not forget Tasker
shame Tolli got hurt, we mighta had 3 over 1000