Terrell Owens wants to play in the CFL

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.@kyhebert - "@terrellowens often talks about calling @JimPoppGM up saying he's going 2 come out of retirement." #CFL #AlsMTL via @TSN690

Possible as Jim Popp does seem to like to sign on NFL retreads and those way past their prime.

Owens is the same as chad, a disaster.

ive always hated Owens but he is different than Chad, with Owens his primadonna attitude didn't kick in till the second season of his contract.

saying that it may be a different situation now that he wont be dominant player

A 42-year-old WR who hasn't played real football in six years. Good luck with that, T.O. :lol:

As long as TO goes to TO. :smiley:

Exactement. Les Alouettes ont déjà plus que donné. Ahman Green, Jerry Porter, O. J. Santiago, Dominic Rhodes, Nocatcho Johnson, Michael Sam. Il est temps de passer à autre chose.

We have Jerry Rice's son on the roster. We have reached our "Rod Black ratio".

Could you imagine Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson and Carter Jr in the same backfield? Talk about a dream team! They'd be unstoppable, especially if they could sign a Pro Bowl QB. Speaking of Pro Bowl connections, Rod Black would be apoplectic! Make it happen Popp!! :o

My ears and eyes hurt imagining it . Yes what a great swan song for Popp sign Owens Thursday and get fired Friday . Get rehired Saturday with an upfront bonus . Then quit on Monday and sign with a team in the MLF .

Yeah, so do I. Owens does have an advantage over me in that he played and starred in the NFL, I did not.
He's also stayed in shape. Sadly, I've let myself go and have never been in what you would call great shape anyway.
Also he's younger than me. Edge to Owens.

No, no,no,no,no - ok, I'm sounding like Jim on The Vicar of Dibley - without the yes at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on Jimbo, make it happen Big Guy !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :cowboy:


They tried that in 1980. Didn't work so well. In fact a year later, the franchise went titsup.

So I did a bit of digging... the title should be

"TO wants to play for the LA Rams. Might use Jim Popp to show he can still play"


Can he spell Montreal LOL.

No No No !!!

Il y a aussi un autre "fils de" avec les Alouettes. Mais celui-là, on sait ce qu'il peut faire.

Tant que nous avons assez pour garder tige heureux noir.

There is another notorious NFL'er who some of the American CFL GM's are courting....
RB Joseph Randle....