Terrell Owens coming to the CFL!!

Marty York with help from Turkeybend..The two most reliable source of information the website has!!!!!

Marty York's blog is the source. He says T.O. in the CFL is a sure thing.

Where do you find Marty Yorks blog

If you look on Sportsnet site under the CFL topics he is just a common poster on there now.

He said he's looking for a mod position on there.

sorry roughyfan but i can't find it can be a bit more specific this is a real interesting story

Please tell me you did not fall for Turkeybends trap please tell us you knew he was joking. Turkey you never stop do you.

Good work Turkey you set the trap again didn't you.

I’d like to see Terrell Owens in the CFL… But the Eagles owner can not give in to his demands. otherwise, the Terrell-ists will win.

look how quickly oakland took moss when he went up on the trading block

Sorry dude,

I just played along with Turkeybend's joke. T.O. probably doesn't even know where Canada is let alone that we have our own league.

I hope Philly suspends Terrell ALL season to shut the fool up. He's turning into a freak show like Dennis Rodman later in his career. As long as he has an NFL contract or is under suspension, he won't be coming to the CFL.

Philly has said he either plays with them or not at all. Actually if you go to CNN?Sports Illustrated you can read about 4 different columns on T.O. Monday Morning Quarterback by Peter King is a fantastic read and Andrew Perloff has a column talking about how no team would take T.O..

NO Im well aware that this is like 99.9 percent false (i mean that 0.1 percent is just cause anyhting can happen lol) But i dont see him comming to the CFL i fell for no trap :wink:

yeah maybe he could hide a pen in the goal-post somehow and do the signing deed....then he could do the harlem-shuffle....then go on T..V. and let everyone know how good he is..........yup we really need more guys like him in the league....

no one in the NFL wants Owens, it not just about talent, it's more than that. plus, they dont have the salary cap, and no smart coach would make room in the cap for a head case like Owens, you dont know if he is going to play the whole year, and you dont have any promises, the only way Owens leaves Phili is threw a trade, and no one in their right mind would trade a good WR for Owens

Who the heck is Terrel Owens????

Exactly what I mean. Davis would take another head case like Owens if he could. Like I said, Give Me Largent, Give me Rice, Give me Swan. My team would be more functional.

ro1313 u gotta be kidding me??? you've never heard of Terell Owens then u either have never watched anythign about the NFL. Or your jsut a moron (no offence) BUt i really hope that your kidding. The guys all over the news all the time (sportsnews) because hes got such a big mouth on him.

What is the NFL?
No I am not a moron(ARE YOU?)
I have no interest in the NFL what soever