Terrell Owens coming to the CFL!!

According to Marty York- Terrell Owens is coming to the CFL, apparently looking at Toronto and Saskatchewan. He claims the CFL was made for his talents and that he can play any position (watch out Troy Westwood!!)
He also apparently said that the CFL is superior because of SASKARGO!

Shhhhh! Bot so Loud.Quite...the Glibermans might hear. :twisted:

I heard that rumor too.

And don't forget that Doug Flutie is going back to Toronto after Damon Allen retires.

He's definitely going to Toronto ... it's the only city big enough to fit half his ego.

LOL first off Owens wants more money from the Eagles. Why in the heck would he take like an 85 percent pay cut to play in the CFL. Second off I dont want somebody with his mouth in the CFL he'd ruin the league. Hes an amazing player and all. But i really dont see him going to the CFL. If He does he better become a ti-cat cause he can actually catch :wink:

–What a load of crap.

Actually I heard this too, he's calling himself the biggest star Canada's ever seen already. And he expects to be in 80% of the plays for whichever team he plays for. SUpposedly he also wants to try kick returning. saying no one will be able to stop T.O. once T.O. has the ball.

The guy has a contract for nearly $50,000,000....& he's not happy....you think he is thinking about comming to the CFL for less than $200,000.....plus the guy is a big problem.....you think you have loud mouths in the CFL....this guy would be a big problem for any team.... NEXT JOKE.....

thats turkeybend for ya

why would he come to the cfl when any other NFL team would love to hve him. the only way he'll come north is if he gets suspended for a season.plus if he comes there no chance in hell he'd go to saskachewan. or even Hamilton. Winnipeg is where he'd go because we have no big sports stars and he'd dominate the recieving core.

Terrell Owens can buy the CFL for gods sake.

Although after reading about the Impact Community owned teams has made on this league since the beginning. I have read that Wpg, Sask and Edmonton has paid millions over the years to bail out failing Private owned teams. However Terrell owens can buy the Bombers and play what ever position he wants. So long he is willing to blow 1or 2 million a season to compete with BC.

T.O. says he likes the cold weather and Philly just ain’t cutting it anymore. He says he’s sick of being compared to Randy Moss in all ways and wants to be his own icon in his own league. So he’s coming to Canada to break all the records. He also called the NFL the No Fun League and he’s looking forward to dancing with his teammates after scoring TD after TD. He said he’ll be dancing so much you’ll think you came to a taping of Soul Train instead of a CFL game.

Edmonton’s not community owned. why do you think they have such a good team. they wouldn’t have ricky ray if they were community owned becasue $400 000 is the whole team salary

To be honest, Whether I was a CFL owner (Not likely) or an NFL owner I wouldn’t want a headcase like that on my team. It would ruin the chemistry. Unfortunately some short sighted NFL owner is going to cave in and sign Mr. Super ego.

Good writting Turkey, I was wondering when your next piece was comming up.

Ya well i could see him wanting to dance. Like the guy got sued how much for signing a ball after one of his touchdowns in the NFL. The CFL fans would love that lol. Well most of us anyways.

I agree with Sportsmen on this. T.O. is just a distraction and not many teams are interested in him. And after his antics in the last few months there is no way any team would take him AND give him more money. People see the New England TEAM mentality and believe that's the way to win championships.

i guarentee you every NFL team Wants owens. they don't care about his antics, only his talent

Thats the problem Yogi, Do you want the talent and the distraction that goes with it? I'd take a couple of Steve Largents, Jerry Rices, and Lynn Swans over a Terrel Owens anyday. The sad part is some owner will THINK that Owens will help his team, and instead will be a "cancer" cell on it.

I disagree too, I don’t think any team wants Owens because he is a cancer and takes up a lot of salary cap (a salary cap is a limit that owners are allowed to spend on salaries) room. Sure he is talented but I think everyone on the team plays worse with that distraction around.

Where’s you’re source