Terrell Owens added to Eskimos neg list

No, not that T.O.

He's 44. What are his chances of making the Esks? Will he be able to avoid injury and make an impact in this league?

His head is too big to fit through the border.

Interesting thoughts -

If they could cover off the insurance issues why not have old legends suit up for specific CFL games - as an added roster player (for the day) and allowed to take up to a half dozen reps before being seated?

I'd love to see Owens at 44 using that supposed 4.4 speed to take on a Chris Randle or Stefan Yell; also love to see 48 yr old Milt Stegall do same in a Wpg uniform

Basically a glorified ticket promotion, complete with pre and post-game autograph sessions, enhanced 50/50 and more . . . but for the insurance issues!

Other guys I think would do it - 43 yr old Henry Burris, 43 yr old Doug Brown, 45 yr old AC Calvillo, 39 yr old Darian Durant, etc.

Would seem to work best for QBs, WRs, even kickers (kickers pre-season only)

You mean Like Gordie Howe then yes or even Satchel Paigewho still can contribute later on then yes .

Charles O Finley made a mockery of it but he was a salesman first a baseball guy second .

He's 44 and he still runs a 4.4 sec in the 40 yard dash. He definitely can still make an impact. He's in great shape. Age is only a number. He's got the size, speed and hands. The Esks are smart if they sign him.

I agree. If he wanted to come in and know the team is not building around him...then what does it hurt to have him compete? It is a good media thing if a player of his stature does a few reps here and there.


Will he be able to avoid injury and make an impact in this league?

And why is this thread not in the Eskimos forum?


Keep in mind everyone… he is only on their negotiation list, and you don’t need the players permission to do that. I doubt he’s even aware of it.

He will be slightly better than Ocho Cinco was with the Als.

I'm sure he's aware of it. Don't be surprised if the Esks sign him.

Terrell Owens catching footballs in the CFL? Farfetched?

Not when you hear the NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver talk about the possibility of playing in Canada.

“We flirted around with the idea,? Owens said during an interview. “Even as recent as last year.?

This upcoming August, legendary retired wide receiver Terrell Owens will officially be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as part of the 2018 class. In an interview posted with the BC Lions of the CFL, Owens talked about his connections to Canada and said he has ponded the idea of resuming his professional football career up north as recently as last year.
“I have ran with the idea, even as recent as last year,? Owens said. “I have a friend, Kyries Hebert, who played with theAlouettes and so we’ve trained together. He saw what decent shape that I was in, so I talked to the general manager there. But obviously it didn’t really go anywhere, but again I definitely would have attempted to that if something would have come about.?
Owens, who is now 44 years old, says he still trains hard in Los Angeles and is still not ruling out a possible stint in the CFL.
“It wouldn’t be hard, it’s just a matter of me committing myself to do that. I train now, I’m in L.A. and working out with some guys getting ready for the upcoming season. So again, it’s up for discussion, I suppose,? Owens said.
A video of the interview with Owens, which was posted on Twitter by the BC Lions, can be viewed below.

(go the the provided link to see the video)

I'd say there is a pretty solid chance he is aware.

Couldn't they just race against a horse, like Ben Johnson did?

The first big hit on TO would shatter him. Can’t see him lacing up the cleats again.
This smells like a PR stunt and blatant attempt at trying to fill some seats in Edmonton.

Pretty much QFT - that's why Milt stopped stealing money from the Bombers at 38, he could easily have nabbed 35 to 45 balls a year, even with the inferior bomber QBs and coaching - but he knew his body couldn't rebound properly after stultifying hits, etc.

T.O is a special breed of athlete. Kind of like Hershel Walker is. Considering the light no contact practice schedule of the CFL and the new rules, it is conceivable that he could play, how successfully? That's another question. Would be interesting to see if nothing else.

This is exactly how the Eskimos want you to think. Then you will watch more Esks games and maybe even attend a game or two etc etc.

PR spin, nothing more. Eskimos are trying to leverage the new ESPN/TSN deal with big news of a well known NFL name in order to attract attention and get people in the seats, especially this being their year to host the GC. Canadian are like lemmings to some degree. If an American likes something, we will follow to take a look too.

T.O won't be playing football anywhere anymore.

So which is it ? Esks want me to watch more games but T.O won't be playing... so how does that make me watch more games?

Sunderland is no dummy, if he put him on the neg list, it means he would at least work him out and take a look. That is all this means and there is nothing wrong with that. If Calvillo can play to 43, it is very possible a genetic freak can catch footballs at 44.

PR efforts are about getting attention and drawing a crowd. The fact that we have a thread on this and some debate - indicates it works. This news in the US will make many football fans look it up or tune in. Very cool. Millions love T.O. and the fantasy of him suiting up again is fantasy fodder.

But it doesn't change the fact for one moment that T.O. won't be playing pro ball again.

What concerns me more is that Terrell Owens has not played since 2010. I assume that there was a good reason why he chose to retire at the time.

Of course it's possible that he was simply burned out in 2010 after so many years of football. Now after eight years his competitive juices could be rekindled. But sadly the years are no athlete's friend.


As having some marketing background myself - I love seeing a marketing strategy work. Getting the buzz going. Making us imagine it could actually be.

Sell the sizzle, not the steak.