Terrel Jurineack

hey guys, back again for some more input... after reading the article in the free press about tom canada and dan goodspeed ive been looking for some possible replacements for them, and terrel kind of intrigues me... just wondering how bad his knee injury was and was wondering how likely you are to re-sign him?

apparently tom doesnt like winnipeg and our young DE stevie baggs(could have been a competent replacement) bolted to the AFL... so we will more then likely have a big spot to fill and i think jurineack could be a capable replacement... id also like it if taman brought in rahim abdullah and anthony collier for depth and pretty much for TC tryouts to see whos the best otpion... pretty sure we could get collier for cheap(he really excelled in marshalls D with the renegades to)....

Terrell Juriniack was fantastic in the 2006. 2007 he only started one game (I think it was the Banjo Bowl). It was believed initially by Ivan Gutfried that his injury wasn't all that serious. But I remember on the roughrider interviews with him on RoughRider radio, he was surprised at how slow Juriniack was healing. Juriniack was a great defensive end in 2006, but I imagine John Chick has taken his job, for 2008 and beyond. So the odds of resigning him I'd say are slim to none. He's a good player, but with his knee, it's definitely a risk. If he's signed by anyone, it'd probably be a big incentives contract.

IMO, i think you guys could do much better than Rahim Abdullah. He's pretty undisciplined. And Edmonton's d-line sucked last year with him.

Just my $0.02

Im fairly certain that Terrell is done... :frowning:

Hes had to many injuries

I would agree with that, but....

I assume if he were to sign with another team, they will have him pass a medical--which is standard anyway--knowing specifically about the knee injury.
If he has successfully rehabed it, and can play, yeah..sure..bring him to camp...just don't spend any hard pressed cap room on signing bonuses.

I think he's done in the CFL.

which is totally unfortunate, because he has great talent.