Terms of Service with Respect to "Divisiveness."

No Politics / Religion: Unfortunately, these topics have proven too divisive, and moderator energy is a limited resource that is too often expended trying to police the inflammatory posts that result from these topics. Discussion of sport is what we aim to have these forums produce and promote. A thread that has evolved into a political or religious discussion will have posts removed from it, or maybe locked in its entirety."

So the CFL gets to participate in Leftist politics and impose it on their fans but merely discussing politics and how it relates to the CFL is suddenly "divisive?" Football is divisive. You have two teams trying to beat each other. If leftist politics is encroaching on our freedoms, rights, and liberties, I have every right to sound the alarm, and anybody who would silence a free man should not deserve freedom for themselves and their family. All this diversity and inclusion we're being clobbered with over the heads is ok but discussion on those initiatives is deleted. If the league was truly concerned with "divisiveness" they wouldn't have cowered to Justin Trudeau's sniveling Liberal symbolism.


…what part of this is not clear to you?

Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's blurry. We've had a mod recently (may have even been yourself I don't recall) say that the mods WANT to let some covid talk stand if it applies to football (ie the Elks outbreak or MLSE suspending 2 coaches) but if it gets out of hand you guys will shut it down. It is unenviably blurry in that regard especially when it is factored in that the mods are untrained volunteers.

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…it is hard to ignore Covid and it’s effect on the league…. and by extension the pandemic and it’s relationship to politics, so yes the decision was made to relax the no politics stance so Covid could be discussed…but pure politics (as the OP is suggesting) has proven time and time again to become caustic and uncontrollable…the forum doesn’t have the resources to handle this…

Covid isn't the only political issue that crosses into football. Hardly.

How about the Elks name change. Totally political.

The 2020 league loan request to the feds so that they could bubble. Political.

The orange shirt campaign. The discussion in the game thread the other night regarding the in-game interview displacing play-by-play. Total politics.

Pink for bullying. Pink for breast cancer. Not only political but league initiatives.

Usually it's not too big of a deal because these topics don't get out of hand, but when they do it's a very blurry line that is crossed. In principle I do not disagree with a policy on restricting political debate on this forum but I think that the OP has a valid point: that the CFL can adopt formal political stances but it's fans are not allowed to discuss them on their official forum (especially if they disagree with them), or at least must do so at their own risk of being censored or punished or edited without notice.

Again I do not envy the mods in regards to this issue.


…I see his point, I recognize it and personally don’t have an issue with it…

…but the reality remains the same, not enough resources to police it…

Sure, on that we can agree, but you told the OP that the issue was clear and I have showed that it is anything but clear.

Many political posts are made and are left unmodded, but now and then some are shut down and it is extremely blurry which ones are left to stand and which ones aren't.

What we used to do back on 13thman was have a politics and religion section. Anyone posting politics had to go there. Anyone caught posting politics NOT in the P&R got modded. The P&R was UNMODDED and we said so up front. When someone PMd me (a mod) wanting help because he was being attacked in P&R I quoted the forum header that stated that the section was unmodded and informed him that he was on his own.

That took care of the problem. Of course the CFL might be hesitant to do this as it could harbor a lot of hate on their official site. As a private site 13thman didn't have this issue. Again, very blurry.

…Yeah my guess is the CFL totally would not want that, just a hunch..

I agree. The CFL itself has been the one introducing the political discourse. I wish the CFL was doing not politicizing itself. It's wrong headed. Why then should posters such as myself be prohibited from saying such-and-such a league initiative is silly, divisive and will alienate a good part of the fan base?



I created a topic based on an article from 3rd down nation which discussed the league's decision to implement a vaccine passport for entry into stadiums and how that impacts the bottom line of the clubs (as evidence with like 20k at Mosaic a few weeks ago when we were drawing sell outs or at least around the 30k mark).

Topic was deleted though very important to the league's overall financial health. Topic was deleted.

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IIRC it was because your monthly subscription fee had lapsed…

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