Terence Jeffers-Harris and free agents

Does anyone if this guy is coming to training camp with the cats this year .
We picked him up last year but now there seems to be no sign of him . i think he'd be a good addition

Any thoughts ?

I think we need ti improve our Canadian content ..with Stala getting older and Rottier and Mullinder leaving and Barker retiring we are getting thinner all the time .

Any word on Hickman and if he's going to give the NFL a shot ?
I think we should sign the ARGO DB that got released Lin J Shell

Anyone have any idea how Terry Grant is doing and if he might be able to fully recover and return this year

Looking at the CFL free agents :

Since we freed up money in the Bruce , Mann , Colburne and Rottier and likely removal of Jiminez we should have some
money no ?

Andy Fantuz - He is from the area ( Chatham ) and went to Western and wow that would improve our canadian content

Possible :

Mark Estelle - CB Montreal - All star Corner that we need to play alongside Hinds
Willie Pile - would be a great pick up at safety and he could play linebacker as well
Taylor Robertson OLINE to fill in for Rottier . Wayne Smith is an option internally

It's unlikely TJ Harris is brought back this year. He was only brought in because the TiCats thought they might get a competitive edge against the Bombers in the East final by picking his brain for any info they could get.

Actually the Cats signed Harris in hopes of getting first crack at him. Obie has wanted TJ for some time but he has NFL aspirations. If he doesn't make it down south then the Cats will try to re-sign him.