Tenth Teams colors/I love the current OT format, don't you?

When the new team comes, what colors do you think they should wear?

we already have:

Montreal: Red and Blue
Ottawa: Red and Gold
Toronto: Double Blue
Hamilton: Black and Yellow
Winnipeg: Blue and Gold
Saskatchewan: Green and Black
Edmonton: Green and Gold
Calgary: Red and Black
BC: Orange and Black

and I love the current OT fromate system! don't you? It's like a shootout, but the O can a least get a single! it's awesome!

depending on where the city is and what name they decide to use SHOULD dictate the colours.....

Quebec-city COBRAS...( jersey design of hamilton ) teal ( where hamilton has black )with red trim( hamilton has yellow ) and some of those quebec flag white-sword-looking things!

Halifax Huskies... ( jersey design of toronto ) purple with yellow trim

Purple is my favoite color, but like pink, I don't think it should be used as a team coor unless the league gets to 12 or more teams.

Pink????? :shock:

as far as the OT format goes... i prefer the old format of two 5 minute halves

No, Geo, I hate pink and I'd hate it as a pro male team color!

I have often thought a really light orange, and a light red would look nice for a team in Halifax.

The former team was going to be Navy and Gold. They look too much like Winnipeg if you ask me.

[url=http://www.fh2i.com/teams/cfl/atlanticschooners/atlanticschooners.html]http://www.fh2i.com/teams/cfl/atlantics ... oners.html[/url]

What about the OT format, I love it, how abou the rest of you?

Now what kind of

driver are you! Pink!

quebec city - san franciso 49er colors, nickname the crusaders
halifax - black and silver (like the raiders) nickname the sharks

purple and yellow could also work

quebec-city should have colours based on the city...

quebec nordiques had teal-ish blue, white and red....so should thier CFL team!

don't need to be rippin-off NFL teams