Tennis Canada and Rogers funding indoor tennis for year-round play

Great initiative here by Tennis Canada and Rogers, just learned of this today from watching a local cable channel here in Hamilton for the Hamilton (Ancaster) club.

How come Arash doesn't bash Tennis like he does the CFL? The Joker won't get a vax. They play once a year in Canada. The Canadian players choke in big events. Where is his outrage?

Well Rogers is heavily invested in tennis in Canada with the national open and the facility at York U in Toronto. The CFL is probably an easy target for him with the Argos not drawing fans and the rule differences between the CFL and NFL with the much greater NFL fanbase in the Toronto area and other parts of Canada and probably the underlying corporate theme of Rogers to their employees of wanting an NFL team in Toronto one day so tread lightly with criticism of the NFL. I know you didn't mention the NFL but just saying. Rogers with MLSE in on the Argos ownership is not what they really want long term, I have to believe Argos are just a stepping stone for an NFL team so few people if any at Rogers and Sportsnet really care about the Argos and CFL I'd say. Easy target and I'm sure reporters like Madani are given free reign to load off criticism on the CFL as much as they wish to.

Part of the criticism must surely also be that Toronto is Canada's largest city yet with one of the smaller (or smallest) attendances. If somewhere like Edmonton was drawing 12,000 fans it would be bad but not disastrous, but put that same crowd in the largest media market and it looks ten times worse.

The NFL must surely be the final goal whether CFL fans like it or not as Argos ownership can point to the fact that all the other "big four" N.A. leagues have Canadian representation (and all three include Toronto) plus Toronto is a natural fit for the AFC and NFC North, or they could replace Miami in the AFC East which would give them a "local derby" (as local as North America's size allows, anyway) with Buffalo.

Last night on their radio FAN590 just before I switched to the Leafs game on TV. They finished off it's Leaf pre-game show and right after that they went to talk about the NFL trade of Tyreek Hill. They don't broadcast any NFL games, they don't do a radio broadcast for the Bills. Won't talk about the CFL considering going to 4 downs since it was Rogers' Madani that made that assertion. I was disgusted by their radio show that I immediately went to the Leafs game. I heard enough about the Hill trade on SiriusXM Radio and the NFL Network. Whatever the radio host had to say on the trade I already heard on the other sources that I previously stated.

I think Rogers have stopped any intentions of them owning a NFL with the price going up(4 Billion in US funds), new NFL approved stadium(2 Billions CAN Funds) and the NFL has tightened purchasing conditions of the Broncos

Yeah, you could very well be right with that.

On a side note here, it seems the Rogers takeover of Shaw is going to happen but costly conditions for Rogers although I like that one of these conditions is more local news requirements in communities which should be good for all sorts of local news coverage including amateur sports: