Ten things we learned today

  1. If you fill up your team with players who weren't good enough to start for other teams, you probably won't beat those teams.

  2. Other teams can run just about any play against us at any time, and it will probably work.

  3. They're going to need to create an extra category of player of the week awards: one for Offensive POTW against the TIger-Cats, and one for OPOTW against real defences. (172 yds rushing and 3 TDs? Seriously?)

  4. If your offence consists almost exclusively of 2-4 yard plays and 30-40 yard plays, you won't have many sustained drives.

  5. If your best weapon is a punt returner, that's not especially helpful when your defence almost never forces the other team to punt.

  6. The goal post is a better DB than any of our actual DBs.

  7. We made the right choice when we kept Medlock over Wilbur.

  8. There is almost no scenario imaginable where the coach will pull Burris from a game.

  9. It would be nice to have a coach whose understanding about how to win games goes beyond "we need to score more points than them to win."

  10. This season can get worse before it gets better.

  1. The goal post is a better DB than any of our actual DBs.

That's funny because I said the same thing today!

Cortez interviews and press conferences are a complete joke. On today's 5th quarter interview he didn't even know what the actual score was.

He also didn't seem to care that he did not know, either.

I also learned that several of the Cats players seem to be out of shape and often out of breath.

  • that the only time the Argos got called for penalties on offense were when the defense actually made a stop.

-pass interference calls are in the eyes of the beholder and viisible to the television viewers.

-hard hits by Ticat players are worthy of a penalty.

Great Post ExPat

May I add a little note to Bob Young

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Obie has never won as a GM, Cortex has never won as a Head Coach, Scott Mitchell .......

ExPat, great post.

Two things came to mind when i read it.

-That was very funny.
-The truth hurts. Ouch!

Number 10 makes me sad. It's so true.

To be fair, Cortez has never been a head coach before. Rarely, very rarely, does a guy win right away when he takes the big job for the first time.

blog: Disagree.
Scott Milanovitch? This is his first season as HC. Look at Kavis Reed..11-7 his first season in Edmonton.Why was was he overlooked when he was with us? What about Mike Benevides in BC? Even Cory Chamblin thrashed us 43-16 in the first game of the season.
Going to the Grey Cup the first year is not required for a new HC. Hope for the future is.

  1. Hamilton will have a sub .500 record this year. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
8) Never mind 10 things I learned today, just 1 thing, and that is that this is one lousy football team, from top to
 bottom.  Even worse than i had originally thought it was.

  They are actually looking worse now.  For their biggest game of the year, they come out completely flat and 
   unprepared !!

    Cortez says he is very disappointed, and very concerned with the teams play yesterday.

     A very astute observation !!!       First time since 2008 that this team has lost 5 straight.

Excellent read ex. I guess it's just another rebuilding year. :? :wink:

  1. rush 4 keep 8 back. Oops! Argos Score. That didnt work so lets
  2. rush 4 keep 8 back. Only allowed 3 points so
  3. rush 4 keep 8 back. Oh well another Argo TD
  4. rush 4 keep 8 back. Another field goal
  5. rush 4 keep 8 back. half time ended that drive
  6. plan for 2nd half. Think, think and think some more. Don't listen to Rey Williams, Jamal Johnson and the rest. Start 2nd half
  7. rush 4 keep 8 back. Hey that TD was on our offence
  8. rush 4 keep 8 back. Results TD
  9. rush 4 keep 8 back. Argos score. Doesn't matter game is almost over. Why change now
  10. rush 4 keep 8 back
    This is Casey Creehan Defensive Coordinator at work. Learned from the first 9 games of the season. This game's defense was the same as all the rest. Good job Case. Wonder what's up your sleeve for next game? Dah......
    Please replace this guy. Pick anybody but him. I don't care if they pick Doctor Levy. Just get rid of this ridiculous Defensive Coordinator.

Don't forget Trestman.

Charlie Taffe also led the Als to 2 straight Grey Cups.

Pinball won a Grey Cup.

Al Bruno took us to 4 Grey Cups.

Jim Schwartz, Jim and John Harbaugh, Mike McCarthy, John Gruden, Sean Payton.

8) Charlie Taaffe took the Al's to only 1 Grey Cup appearance, as a Head Coach, in 2000. They lost that game !!

My bad, at least he took them to a Grey Cup game. Lapolice also took Winnipeg to a Grey Cup game, same with Berry.

It took Bellefeiuelle 3 years before we could even get to an Eastern Final.

This team will learn from their mistakes, however they are slow learners and have to continually make the same mistakes to learn. Sadly the season will end when they are still in the learning curve.

Scott Milanovich: won nothing so far. 6-4 does not a season make.
Kavis Reed: won nothing so far. Went 11-7 last year and are 5-5 this year.
Mike Benevides: took over the defending champs, so he should be successful.
Corey Chamblin: won the first three and then lost five in a row. Sits at 5-5.

What about Mike Kelly, Gary Etcheverry, Greg Marshall and Rich Stubler? How about Tim Burke, an excellent defensive coordinator who hasn't done a whole lot in his first games as a head coach? My point being that guys usually struggle when they become a head coach for the first time. Not saying the team should be 3-7, but if you thought things were going to be easy, you were dreaming.

Trestman and John Harbaugh are exceptions. Taaffe, Pinball, Jim Harbaugh and Gruden were head coaches prior to winning anything. Taaffe coached The Citadel for 11 years; Pinball was head coach of the Argos in 2000 and 2002 before winning it all in 2004; Harbaugh was the head coach of San Diego State and Stanford before taking over the 49ers; and Gruden was the head coach in Oakland for three years before he went to Tampa and won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's Bucs. None of those guys were first-time head coaches.

Your other examples didn't win much in their first years. Schwartz's first team finished 2-14, which I guess was an improvement over the Lions' 0-16 finish the year before, and won just six games the year after. Mike McCarthy finished 8-8 in year one, got to the NFC title game in year two and then finished 6-10 in year three. Payton got the Saints to the NFC title game in year one, but then missed the playoffs the next two years. Those types of records would have gotten a coach fired in the CFL. Heck, 9-9, 9-9, 8-10 and an East Final appearance in 2011 got Bellefeuille axed.

Oh, and for the record, Bill Walsh finished 2-14 in his first year, then won three Super Bowls; Jimmy Johnson finished 1-15, then won two Super Bowls; and Bill Parcells finished 3-12-1 in year one, then won two Super Bowls. And all those guys had at least one head coaching job before taking over. Even all-time greats struggle. Cortez struggling is nothing new or unexpected.

Just ask Browns fans & Bill Belichick!