Ten quick stats, just for fun

Here are 10 interesting stats I found, just for the fun of it.

  1. Dave Dickenson throws for a TD pass for every 10 passes he completes.

  2. Jason Mass throws for an interception for every 14 passes he completes.

  3. The quarterback of the only unbeaten team (Anthony Calvillo) currently ranks last in the league in passing yardage.

  4. The quarterback with the most passing yardage (Ricky Ray) is on the team that scored the less points overall.

  5. Shaun Diner is a wide receiver who never catched one single pass in the CFL, but he has an interception.

  6. Jason Armstead has as many TD as he has fumble recoveries (2).

  7. So far in the league, there’s been 16 fumbles on running plays. Kerry Joseph has 7 of them.

  8. Last week, the Alouettes got 195 passing yards, and they lost a total of 196 yards on penalties. They still won.

  9. Geroy Simon scored more touchdowns than all of the Tiger-Cats players together.

  10. Jamie Boreham is one missed field goal short of having failed as often as Sandro Deangelis, Damon Duval, Noel Prefontaine, Paul McCallum, Luca Congi and Rob Pikula alltogether.

Slow work day?

Interesting stats though.

  1. english good

Quick question, 3/10.....for #6 are you referring to catches only? Armstead got one rushing and two receiving TDs on Saturday.....

Interesting stats, though.....