Ten point loss....says Eiben

Eiben played a great game ....

But he ate his words ....

"They " lost by TEN.....


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I thought that was pretty good too .

I wonder how the Bombers will do with out Kevin Glenn next week ?

The TigerLady

Yep....he must be dyslexic.....got the scores backwards.

Looks good on him, big man witrh a big mouth!

Now please lets go BC Lions..


In the immortal words of the late Orville Redenbacher, "STOP CHOKING ON MY POPCORN -- IT KILLS SALES!" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They don't learn, do they?

Oski Wee Wee,

Stupid Comments.

So much for his big mouth. Go watch a Leaf game. That'll cheer him up.

Well, he did recover 2 fumbles and record 2 sacks, so he played a pretty decent game.

Yes EIBEN did do the above and had a great game, but he also motivated the Bombers with his comments and that my friends IMO was the difference.


That's the delicious irony of the whole thing. Eiben actually walked the walk, but all around him his team collapsed - Bishop reverted back to his old ineffective self, the secondary looked totally confused as they got picked apart all afternoon, O'Shea lost his jockstrap as Stokes blew by him for a TD, etc.

Interesting that Leo Cahill was quoted in the paper this morning as tut-tutting Eiben for not learning from the ghosts of Argos past who also once presumed to predict the future.

I believe I said "The Argo's can be had"...

And today, the Bombers "had" them in spades...

I never like to see the double blue win...

I'm not denying the fact that the Argos laid an egg, because they did. And I'm not denying the fact that Eiben added more fuel to the Bomber fire than Sunoco or Esso ever could, but I'm just saying that he did do his part.

At least he didn't predict that the Argos were going to "waffle them".

Eiben is a "punk" just like the rest of his teammates.

Looks good on all of them ... from Keith Pelley right down to Kojo Aidoo!

Eiben looks pretty dumb right now. Bombers deserved the victory but the Argos gave it to them from the coaching right on down to the players, layed a golden goose egg.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

typical argos fan can't take it but sure can dish it out!

not taking that away from him but egg on your face is still egg on your face. He figured the argos were a cake walk right into the final dance. sorry no ticket this year boys.

Why the Argos weren't prepared for this game is beyond me, they looked for the most part in this game like they were out to lunch.

O'shea looked old out there, Westwood continues to play like he did ten years ago. Somehow the Bombers passed that droppped ball curse to the Dub'Blue. Pinballl's interveiw at the half was fascinating. He said they need to play better on O but didn't have any plans on how the could. Damon Allen should have been given a shot.

Yes, Adrion Smith said this also on Sportsnet that DA should have gotten at least one set of plays to give a change of pace.