Ten players on our neglist

How long before somebody suggests that one of those QBs will be our next saviour? ;D

I give him a week.

Mount Allison as in Nova Scotia? DL?? what part of the DL?

Max McCaffrey, son of former Denver Bronco Ed McCaffrey. Brother of Carolina Panther Christian McCaffrey.

Rod Black can’t wait.

I say it depends. Are any of them middle aged, retired from football and recovering from a serious neck injury?

Need to know if there’s any problems with accuracy.

I knew he was son of, didn’t know the brother of part.

You are correct Rod Black’s new fav player for sure.

A DLineman ( 6’1" 300 ) playing in Sackville NB . You can’t make that up ! Nathan Shepherd of the Jets is 6’4" 315 and a TiCat neg list guy who is also Canadian . :slight_smile: :slight_smile: He’s 25 years old with 2 years experience in New York. He’s listed as a backup DL .

The Cats are already planning for Teddy’s replacement if needed .

Pat Lynch ( in football chess, the Cats are planning 3 moves ahead)

WOW! Great stuff Pat. 8)