Temporary Seating

I thought this would be a given and that they would have to
but i haven't heard anything about Temp. Seats going up
at the Doughnut Box for the East Final, anyone hear anything
about this ??

They haven't even finished construction on the permanent structure and you want them to construct a temporary structure within a week?

Not going to happen. They're working on a temporary 12 hour permit each game. Construction company has enough stuff to do with finishing the permanent strucuture. Nevermind assembling and taking down a temporary one. And you can't hire an outside company to assemble it because its still a contruction zone and no one else is allowed in.

No chance its happening.

IT'S NOT THE DONUT BOX !!!!!! Quit calling it that,it sounds absolutely moronic to call the stadium by this Stupid nickname. :x
Okay everybody together on three.......IT'S NOT,NOR WILL IT EVER BE A DONUT BOX :thdn: THANK YOU for your co-operation in this matter,carry on !!! :slight_smile:

Then tell me how the heck they did the Keith Urban concert. It was an outside company/group that did all that setup and teardown. Why is this even an issue? It could happen very quickly if they choose to do it. It's not an impossible thing. Shake your heads people! There is real money to be made here! LOL

Because the Keith Urban set up was on the field. Field access is granted because its not a construction zone. And they had already put up over a 1$million to book Urban. The Urban stage was set up on the field at the same time the TIcats were practicising. Just like practise stage acess was able to be assembled on the field. A temp seating structure wouldn't be on the field. Money was to be lost if they cancelled the concert.

Are you sure money is to be made? They already sold standing room tickets who are to use the patios where temp stands are to be constructed. How much would it cost to rent, construct and take down this temp structure. Would the tix cover the costs of construction.

Revenue doesn't = profit. There are substantial costs involved.

Anyways, it isn't happening.

It happened for Urban becase they had over $1million in non refundable booking fees on the line and access to the playing field has always been allowed during construction because the field itself isn't a construction zone, hence the ticats practices.

The temp seats would go over the already sold out endzone patio areas.
I would think that temp seating would have had to be planned well in advance.
I am sure that Caretaker would want another 15K tickets sold as it will cost him over $1M to host this game

"Based on Tiger-Cat President Scott Mitchell's comments on Prime Time Sports Nov. 4, 2010 (about 3:12 in, 11:41 5.4MB) it appears the current cost of holding a semi-final game is in the $900,000 range (north of $750,000, close to seven figures). Assuming this includes the playoff shares for two teams (50 x 2 x $3,300 = $330,000) and travel expenses ($150,000) this would indicate additional expenses of $300,000 - $450,000 for the game, including a $100,000 guarantee to the league."


Ya you can't build 15k of temp seats in 10 days lol. Theres a reason why grey cup temp seating is in place months before the grey cup (ie. Calgary and Sask). Remember the super bowl in dallas a few years ago. The temp seats didn't pass safety inspection because they waited too long to assemble them.

The 15 000 temp endzone seats at one of Brazils WC stadiums took months to build.

Also if you look at the stadium picture with temp endzone seats you'll see that the seats go right down to field level. No room for the patios. Which would make sense because they are erected with thousands of pieices of scaffolding underneath which would make it impossible to keep the patio.


But that's how many wins the opposition teams have there. Donut.

LOL !!! Well since you put it that way :smiley: Maybe we can just call THF...The "HOMER"

My point was that it certainly could be done if they wanted to. Neither endzone area is still a construction site. They had no trouble putting a concert stage up for Monster Truck either on the nort patio. You are saying it can't happen and that is not correct. They have said all along that they would expand to 40,000 seats for a GC game. So it very well could've happened for the EDF if they chose to do it.

Yes, that's right. I think I made the point on another thread, that it it's a major construction job to put in 10k seats. I saw the temp end zone seats go up in Ottawa for the 04 GC, it took at least a month.
It's not like they have these temp seats sitting around waiting to be put together.
I think they would be very expensive to put them in. Can they justify the cost? The temp GC seats were $200 a seat but it was a GC and they started selling them 6 months ahead of time!! What if they went to the great expense to put them in and they only sold a couple of hundred?

I agree with King and slim. It takes them weeks to put up the various temporary stands they set up on the CNE grounds for the Toronto Indy. I would assume they would have had to start setting them up all ready for them to be ready and passed inspections in time for a game a week and a half from now. Just the elevated patio sections in the north end of THF took weeks to build.

If they really wanted to, they could put in maybe 1,000 seats quickly. There are small bleachers that can be rented for events and put up IKEA style. They did this once for a Labour Day game in the Caretaker's early years and I've seen them do it even for CIS playoff games. Once you get into Grey Cup or Guelph dimensions though, you're talking about a serious engineering task.

As for the IKEA bleachers, I doubt the team will go through the trouble this year. Maybe when the place is finished and they're properly settled in, they'll come up plans for these types of games.


look what I started...

IIRC, the cost of the temp seating in Ottawa in 2004 worked out to be around $100 a seat, then sold for $200.

Imagine all the crying on here if they charged that for seating!

I'm not surprised at that price, them temp stands were huge and a lot of workers to put it together.
I can't see temp seats going up for a playoff game unless they were put up early for a Grey Cup. I think Ottawa is looking at the temp seats when they host the Grey Cup in a couple of years and then keep them in place for the NHL outdoor classic.

I can see them looking at 1000-2000 behind the patios NEXT YEAR if they get good season tix numbers. Then your cost are amortized over 10 games.

So... How much profit, if any, will the TiCats make off the ESF?

They will definately turn a profit. The question is how much. It will definately be a nice large number.

Well if you do the math 24,000 tickets at an average price before tax of about $75 - $80 x 24,000 seats is about $1.8 - $1.9 million from the gate. Add extra revenue from concessions, extra souvenir sales etc. So if all the costs involved with hosting the game come in somewhere in the $1 - $1.5 million range I would assume a profit in the $500,000 range if not more.

That is all guesstimates of course.