Tempers fly at today's practice

According to CHCH sports at 6 p.m. Maurice Mann and Avon Colbourne had a big argument at practice today. Avon was calling out Maurice for fooling around during drills. Meanwhile, AB111 was sitting in the dugout unable to practise due to a lower body injury. Just what we need - more drama

Good on Avon, it's time for this team to get serious.The last 2 games were big enough jokes to last the entire season as far as comedy routines go.

OK Avon, enough is enough. Let the coach do his job.

8) You're exactly right. This team needs a vocal, experienced CFL player as their leader, and Avon fits the bill perfectly.
   Coming from the Montreal organization, he knows what it takes to win, and he won't tolerate fooling around in practice
    like he witnessed today, especially with the performance of the team in the last 2 games.

    Mann had better get his head on straight.  Thought he got straightened out last season ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    That's what is laughable, some of these guys are still joking around, while us fans are getting ourselfs all worked up 
     over their lackluster performance !!     Go Figure.


Avon is a leader. Im glad to hear this. He has been successful on every team he has ever played on. Coincidence?

No response to my Op regarding AB111. The video coverage on the news showed him dressed for practice but just sitting in the dugout watching. He looked very sullen. Somebody better take some leadership before this all gets beyond repair. :cry:

all injured players dress for practice,he was in the dugout talking to Ike Brown, Aaron Kelly, Chris Rwabukamba and Dylan Barker(briefly), at points though it did appear that he was distancing himself, but it was also hot :lol:

at the beginning of practice he was helping out with the receiver drills and at the end he was out catching balls, AB3 is not a problem I don't think

however I do have a problem with Avon calling out Mann, like Mann said during the argument, talk to me on gameday, Mann has been our best offensive player, I don't like how Avon has come in and acted like he is the big man in town cause he has 2 rings calling out veteran receivers who have been with the team for 2+ years , I just don't agree with it, it causes division between players and that's the last thing we need right now

I understand Avon wants to win but sometimes he has got to learn when to just keep his mouth shut

I tend to agree. I have only seen an egotistical attitude, not leadership. Shut up and play Avon, you weren’t good either

I don't know what game you were watching or even if you were watching the game(s) AKT, but Dueces was the best player on the field in both IMHO.

To say he didn't play well is just plain ignorant.

35 yards in 9 carries is not good. He may have been the best of a bad bunch but 35 in 9 is poor. Since I am aware of what I am talking about the use of ignorant is abusive and not a description of lack of knowledge. You may disagree but keep the offensive name calling out of it

I meant ignorant as in your lack of knowledge. I wasn't calling you names. Im not going to get into a pissing contest about it with you either. If you continue to allude to the fact that Avon didn't play well then I will chalk it up to ignorence on your part and agree to disagree.

How many blocks did he miss when he wasn't carrying the ball. I'm ignorant to the exact number, but I'm guessing, none.

Avon comes to work every play.

ok alexander, I agree with you that Avon didn't play bad at all, but do you agree with Avon calling out other players?

Yes that is offensive. You are saying I am lacking in knowledge when in fact you mean you question my intelligence Like I said you can disagree but knock off the insults. Yes saying I don't know what I'm talking about is an insult, there is no other interpretation. He got 35 in 9. He's paid to carry the ball and he had a bad night at the main part of his job. Cut the nonsense and apologize. It doesn't matter if you like Avon or dislike Avon,the results were poor

What's with everyone getting their knickers in a knot over the use of the word ignorant?

And Avon getting in people's faces is fine with me. He's looked like the only player who has cared out there. Good for him.

I am not lacking in knowledge therefore its an insult. What part of that did you miss? Sure if I missed something in forming an opinion I might be ignorant but thats not the framework of what he said. He said I was a quack that didn't have a clue. He continues to say it even after saying he won't get into a pissing contest with me. That is abusive beyond all acceptable limits

Whats with all of the posts being out of order

I feel sorry for Avon. He should have never been asked to take "control" of his teammates. It isn't fair, it is stupid and it will fail.

Mann may have racked up decent yardage, but he's already dropped some catchable balls this season. While there's something to be said for having fun and playing loose, the way the Cats have stunk out the last two games should have everybody doing a gut check. And frankly I do think the 2 rings say a lot about which of them knows better how winning teams practice.

He pushing is Weight way too much ..
He new in this locker room
I don't care how many rings AC Has
1srt he gose at Ab3 Then gose after then Maurice ..
why not save it for the Riders AC....

This guy has too much of Ego ..

You're just being too sensitive. You're reading into it too much. And you're assuming what someone else was thinking. You shouldn't do that. I didn't read where he called you a "quack that didn't have a clue." He's allowed to have an opinion too, and I don't think he was insulting you.

But in any event, you're not the first person this week to freak out over the use of the word 'ignorant.' It seems like everyone has a problem with the word. That's what happens when some people (not saying you, so don't jump down my throat like you've been known to do when you disagree with someone) don't completely understand the meaning the of a word that has evolved over time.