Telus Media Centre

Knowing that club officials do check this fan forum, I'm starting a new topic here to, hopefully, get the attention of the media relations staff and/or anyone higher up the front office "depth chart."
The new Telus Media Centre looks great and the podium microphone works well. But, for those of us who like to learn from Kent Austin's responses to questions from the media, particularly the intelligent ones presented when Steve Milton is in attendance, this media centre idea just doesn't work. We need to hear the questions, too! Might I suggest two microphones (2 is better than none) for the media, to keep the flow going. While one reporter is posing questions, another can wait his/her turn behind the second microphone. And, when that turn comes, a third questioner can take the place of the first ... and so on...and so on.

I agree, its annoying when you can not hear a word until Kent answers. I mean sometimes you don't want to hear the stupid question that are asked to just get under Kent's skin but he has been pretty good so far this season not losing his cool.

Why even bother putting these videos on the site to be viewed if one can not hear the questions and thus figure out whats going on .....they have to know its not working in its present form please fix it . Thank-you

Agree with this. Love that we have a new professional league looking media centre, but it would be nice if we could have better sound and hear both reporters and Kent. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to e-mail Ticats PR or Aaron Gogoshvili (sp?) and let them know.

I'm not getting any sound at all, except on the ad that plays before the video....

There is definitely sound on the video. Check either your computer to see if it's muted, or check the little sound bar in the actual video, may be low or muted. The microphones don't pick up any noise except for voices.

Just finished watching the two videos and the sound quality was certainly sub par. Not hearing the questions is annoying enough but the constant buzzing sound is horrible. Worse than the wind noise in past years.

This is not rocket science to produce.

On a positive note....the podium looks good :smiley:

The sound is terrible, they put zero effort into producing audible sound while making it look pretty. The sound was an issue even before changing to this but now its worse.

Fairly simple, the reporter or whoever asks a question in to a microphone. The reporter hands the microphone over to the person being interviewed for an answer to the question. Or hook up a sound system where each person can be clearly understood. This is similar to the stadium food issue, people talk an NO one listens. Frustrating to say the least.

Today's video was soooooo much can hear questions and the coach without buzzing sounds.
This is what it should have been from the start.
Very good quality. :thup: :thup:

Just watched Coach Austin's June 23rd media session and agree with Lenny.
Somebody is now controlling the pot for the one microphone, turning it up, when a question is anticipated, and managing to get the questions, from the floor, loud enough, in most cases, for viewers to hear. The print pop-ups of the questions' themes are also nice and the microphone quality was much improved. The quick response, to this thread, and fix by the club is much appreciated. :rockin:

I still get no sound on those videos. It works on all the other ones just not the scrum videos.
I wish I was more tech-savy when it comes to these things because I'm sure the issue is probably with my phone.

Same for me. No sound on either my computer or my phone.

Some of the other videos are perfectly normal for me, with full sound. But generally not the scrum videos.

Having just watched the video "July 4th: Coach Austin," it seems the appreciated effort for improvement on June 23rd was a one occasion fix. We're back to hearing the coach loud and clear answering questions we can't clearly hear.

Thanks to whoever at the club brought back the on screen printed question themes for the coach's July 5th media session video. Despite the confusion between the Kevins -- Glenn and Elliott -- an appreciated second fix to the issue of the questions, once again, being inaudible the previous day.

8) Been trying to watch the Ross Scheurman interview video for the past week, and all it says is this video is not available due to a mistake !! Well, fix the bloody video so every one can watch it !! Is that a major effort to do, TiCats ? :roll: :oops:

One word. Useless.............

With thanks for days when there was some improvement, today is the day I just give up!
There is obviously no concern for the fan viewers, or for the sponsoring client of this new media set-up.

Re: Austin
Press conference July 13th
Somebody please let's go to Best Buy and buy a new Fricken Microphone like WTF you can't hear nothing also Fire your audio video guy ! :thdn:


The Media Centre is sponsored by Telus, so the natural takeaway for us is that the frequently unintelligible audio production in the pressers is representative of what it's like to try to communicate using products and services from Telus. Sponsorship money well spent!?