Tell Wally who you would start at QB!!

Welcome to Wally World. The Lions started 0-2 with Buck at the helm. Buck goes down and Jarious throws bombs for tds and the Leos win handily. Who would you start the next game?????????

Wally has indicated Buck will start trying to avoid a QB controversy. I say wins are more important than controversy. Start your winning qb.

What do others think???


Wally's 100% right. Reaffirming that BP is the starter. Until BP can't make it through consecutive games or just plain stinks he must remain their starter. Yanking him now for JJ would make WB look foolish, especially if JJ lays an egg and fails to win. Why start a QB controversy "again". JJ makes a great backup.

So, a short leash for BP, not really, if the Lions are in the game with a chance to win then let him go. Unless a losing streak begins of course. Remember Burris went 0-2 as well.

Buck started the Edm game, and the Lions won. Why change a winning formula? :thup:

...Tell Wally to start Travis Lulay.....he needs the work......besides....what's the good of having a qb. controversy with just 2....might as well throw in another.... :lol:

I don't know but if Buck is the starter, Buck is the starter, like here in Hamilton Porter is the starter even though Glenn comes in and basically gets us some td's to win the game like JJ. But the leash is just a tad shorter for both starters if need be, that's all.

Buck has to start. It's only 3 weeks into the season and the only QB that doesn't have his head on the platter is AC. I can think of a few head coaches who need replacing already but not QB's.

It's an unwritten rule in the CFL that a starter doesn't lose their spot due to injury.

Buck will start ,but I expect he will be a on a short leash. If he is flat in the first half I would expect to see Jarious come in for the second.

Wally has made the right decision. However, if Pierce is ineffective, Wally needs to make the switch to Jackson relatively early - something he didn't do in the first two games.
My biggest concern with Pierce is that he hangs on to the ball too long and is ineffective at dumping the ball off short when he's getting heat. Jackson seems to get the ball off quicker, even when he is throwing long.

I don't get this... The first two loses were TEAM, not QB, loses. I mean, anybody who actually watched the game could tell that. And the game we won, it was a team win. Special teams, offence and defence all played great.
I'm quite certain Buono has no problem pulling Buck should he play poorly. He has done it before and I'm sure he will do it again.

I swear, some CFL fans are just desperate for QB contraversies...

Buck Pierce hasn't been bad. He hasn't been great, but the Lions first two losses are more than just Buck Pierce. I'd start him.

Start Buck Pierce, yes Jackson is great coming off the bench but as a starter he's not that good.

Comming from the guy who put Tee Martin on the same pedastal as Dieter Brock! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Good post, Wally made the right post.

Besides, Turkey is on a fishing expedition. I'm surprised he didn't suggest resurrecting Paul Brothers or Don Moorhead to play QB for us. Turkey is just envious that we have two proven Quarterbacks while others still search for one. must have me confused with someone else there sport....No support for Martin from this quarter.....I have/had about as much like for the guy as your big-luv for Printers....and I know you want him to return to the leos....asap... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: