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Leave a post for Ottawa's mayor Larry O'Brian regarding the CFL v. MLS proposals:

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The Citizen has an online discussion forum about the stadium. This seems to be more constructive than online polls, so if you have something intelligent to contribute, why not?

Forum: Tell us where you would put a new stadium

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By Ken Gray, Ottawa Citizen
February 23, 2009 4:01 PM

[i]Here’s a chance to speak your mind on where you’d locate our proposed outdoor stadium. Contribute to our online forum.

A group of developers and the owner of the Ottawa 67’s would like to build at Lansdowne Park and put a Canadian Football League franchise there. Meanwhile, Eugene Melnyk and officials of Scotiabank Place and the Ottawa Senators are keen to see Major League Soccer call property near their Kanata stadium home. As well, the City of Ottawa has weighed in with a report on the best stadium sites in the area with Bayview and Carleton University topping the list.

So now it’s your turn. Tell us where you would construct a new stadium for Ottawa and why your choice is best.

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Man alive, how often, and in how many ways, are they going to ask the same question over and over and over... :roll:

I was thinking the same thing. :?

So are several councillors now, according to today's Citizen. They're saying that looking into 23 sites when no one has proposed a single thing for 21 of them is a waste of time, money, etc...

Another article talks about how subjective such a study is. For instance, if you and I were doing this, maybe I'd give availability to public transit more weight than you would.

I can see some value to a comparative study of the two sites involved, but some of the sites were outright ridiculous. That's why it was so hard to envision there being 23 of them in the first place.

I'm tired of these delaying tactics. The city hires an "expert" at $80,000 to look for the best sites for a stadium in Ottawa! Yet only two sites will be in the running, the other sites do not have anyone willing to put money in and develop them. Why did they go through this charade?
Get on with it and evaluate the two bids.

Part of the game to keep certain people content otherwise it will looked too rigged and too biased ie. didn't look at other sites. I would have to think they know what they are going to do at this point.

Hey if they wanted me to do it, I come cheap........I'd only charge them half that price...........gimme $40,000 and I'll gladly do it, and quickly too !

This appears to be nothing more then a waste of time and taxpayers money by a left leaning council.

Well, if the council is left-leaning, hopefully that means they'll be more inclined to a stadium which can be shared between football and soccer.

But now we are getting the usual "it's going to be a choice between a stadium and transit" from some councillors. This is the start of the delaying tactics, it will be the lefties on council saying "how can we justify a stadium in these hard times", even though the group financing the stadium could prove that the "pay back" in the long run will benefit the city.
Yes the city will have to spend some money up front but the pay back in rents and taxes will pay off the money spent up front.

And through it all will be Doucet complaining about his pointless design competition... :roll:

It looks like the MLS soccer hooligans are beginning to take over the mayor's blog with a lot of anti-CFL, anti-football, and non-factual B.S. of why the CFL cannot work here? and that it has failed several times....blah,blah,blah. As far I am concerned, these people either have never watched a CFL game, don't follow the CFL situation closely here in Ottawa, and never attended a riders/renegades game or attended them during the miserable years of those teams. Somebody must have organized something to have the soccer people take over the mayor's blog, just like with the Ottawa Sun polls.

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On the bright side, some of the people who favour the MLS coming prefer to have it at Lansdowne Park instead of Kanata so at least not all is lost.

Notice the sudden surge? Over the past couple of weeks,it was only the same few responding. All of a sudden, we get a couple of bunch ot of nowhere proclaiming their love for the sport of the (apparently quite distant) future.

Yeah, I just noticed that too, so I went ahead with an (incredibly long) post of my own. If you've got some time to leave a comment, do so to combat the soccer-only bandwagon jumpers. Most of them don't know anything about the CFL. One guy said "soccer is booming, the MLS is a sure thing, and football has no future in Canada". Comments like that just make me laugh. The fact is, there are not all of a sudden a bunch more people playing soccer. It's just the same as it's always been.

Getting back to the stadium vs public transit issue ... isn't there a fund set aside for sports, and a different fund set aside for transit? ie the money is there to be spent on a stadium, and it's just a matter of choosing which one?

Get on there and post your support for CFL and the Jeff Hunt/Frank Clair stadium.
I can't believe the comments about soccer..............biggest sport in the world, most watched, sport of the future etc.
How many of these guys posting these comments will actually drive out to Kanata and watch a soccer game. MLS and NASL Soccer has abysmal ratings, that's why most game are on local cable. Yes a lot of us play soccer but we don't watch MLS.

Loved Jeff Hunts comments today on CFRA radio - Landsdowne losing $4m a year right now. His proposal will generate $100m in revenue for the city.

I just posted something even though at this point, I hate these polls and feedback sites.

Forgot to say why doesn't Ottawa tell the MLS and Melnyk to go jump in a lake with the soccer-specific stadium crap and get a USL team, they can still play agains't TFC and that and play in a stadium that is for both football and soccer. This makes way more sense than tying yourself to a stadium that shuts either out.

Is it not possible that Melnyk, because he is the owner of the Sens and therefore "cannot do anything wrong mentality", that he basically has the politicians of Ottawa in his hip pocket.
After all he rescued the team from bankruptcy and a sure move to the US?
So maybe Melnyk may think they owe him one?
I hope not.

If Ottawa is run like that and needs that for their hockey team to stay afloat, well, if I'm Jeff Hunt and this goes Melnyk's way, I wouldn't do anything to help that city at all in the future, I'd just take, take, take if I were him.

At the end of this all, regardless of how it works out, I want to meet Jeff Hunt and buy him a pitcher of beer and just say, you gave it your best shot Jeff and company and thank you muchly.