Tell the Bomber brass how u feel by boycotting home games!

5 home games--if nobody shows, Bauer and Kelly will be gone next year.

It's worth the sacrifice--DON'T GO TO THE GAMES!!!!!!!

New nickname for our team: The Winnipeg Suicide Bombers

New nickname for fans that still go to home games: The Winnipeg Blue Felchers!

That's how Saskatchewan got out of their bad years. They boycotted the games.
Man that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Sure! Let's hurt our team even more!


Boycotting games may work with a team that has a deep pocketed private owner who can open his cheque book or pull out his VISA to put extra money into a franchise but it doesn't work with a community owned team whose largest source of revenue is ticket sales and merchandising. Those of us who remember the not so distant past when there were concerns the Bombers wouldn't survive because of massive debt sure as heck don't want to go through that again.

The only way the BODs will get the message is for a boycott of the games. If fans go to games in droves, why would the board make any changes. Kelly and Bauer must go. That is the only way the fans can protest against these lackies, and bums who have destroyed our team. If the rest of you Kelly supporters want to support Kelly you can buy extra tickets to the games

Kelly supporter or no Kelly supporter…I support my team period. guess is a lot fans will still go the games just out of interest in the new guys....Bishop is making noises he want to leave (no loss) More than likely because of the new qbs. coming in.....Looks like the rest of the year will be an audition for 2010... :wink: gpBigBlue


the players have it tough enough already, and you want to empty the stadium so they can be even more depressed?

look, i'm as unhappy about the changes that have been made as anyone else, but you can be sure about two things: Kelly and Bauer have made their bed and will sleep in it until changes are made in the off-season (guessing Bauer will be gone first), and the Bombers need our support (financially and otherwise).

i'm from Ottawa, i've seen two football teams fold...and a large part of that had to do with fair-weather fans who stopped showing up because of the usual excuses --- bad ownership/management and losing seasons.

these Bombers players will bust their backsides this weekend and we should be there to encourage them, whether you like the coach or not.

tough-love isn't always the best solution...and in football circles it usually means financial difficulty for the team, sometimes leading to the cessation of operations altogether.

This is one season. The best way to express your disgust with management is to go to the game wearing a paper bag on your head that says "Fire Kelly".

Ten thousand people at the game wearing fire kelly bags will speak pretty loudly, and it won't put the team back into debt. Besides, firing another coach requires revenue to pay him off!

Boycotting games is stupid and makes you a quitter ! How is taking the team's ability away to sign and resign players going to help ,the on field product ? If we lose sat. the season is over and the Bombers can take their time to find the right management team for next year and hope things get turned around. I'm going to the game on SAT,will be tailgating in the East side parking lot and supporting the Bombers and the CFL .

I have attended all the games this year, but no more. If Bombers want to sell this product with Kelly as coach I will spend my money on other entertainment. Maybe moose games.

I can understand the frustration and when it’s hard earned money, many will choose not to attend another game this year until they feel it is worth seeing. I fully understand that, but that is different than boycotting.

As a fan - I will not boycott a game. If I can go, I am going!

  • I want to see the new talent
  • I want to see another defensive pick
  • I want to see Mighty Mouse kick a 50 yarder
  • I want to see Doug Brown manhandle 2 defenders > flatten the QB > then pick him up and give him a pat on the back.
  • I want to see Reid run for 100 yards
  • I would love to see Bishop tear a team apart the way he used to (and still does) tear us apart!
  • I want a couple of jumbos, and a big bag of peanuts
  • I might even have a slider or a puck on the way in.
  • I want to hear the pre-game show on the drive down
  • I want to hear the post-game show on the drive home
  • I want to chear on my team!

This all makes for a great way to spend a few hours and get away from the grind of day to day life! It’s just a game. Sure, the movie has sucked most of the year, but I still like the environment too much. It’s no different than all those years I attended the Jets games.

The coaches days are numbers by his win/loss record. Not by the number of fans in the stands. The BOD knows this is a bad year, they don’t need more reminding. there's a fan.....good on ya budeborton.... this is the type of support successful franchises have.. :thup:

This weekend it is especially important that fans go to the game. People need to put aside their feelings about MK and how the season is going and be there to honour the men who are entering the Hall of Fame this weekend. We have been given a tremendous honour in hosting the first Hall of Fame Weekend outside of Hamilton. We have to show everyone that giving us the HOFW was a good choice.

You can go.

Why would you go ? The true fans that appreciate the history of the Bombers and stick with them through good and bad times, will go.

Anything you say Mike.

The Bombers would be better off without people like you anyway. And don't bother jumping on the bandwagon when times are good...I'll be the first to kick your @$$ off.