Tell me. Why doesn't Ottawa have a media relations director?

Tell me. Why did Glieberman get rid of his media relations director (or village idiot as Lonie likes to call him)? Does he even plan on hiring a new one ? Especially with a guy like Forrest Greg, who has no media charisma whatsoever. He has to be the most crusty football guy I have ever heard on a radio interview. THis is why they need a media guy :roll: :?:

Here, here!
This kind of cost cutting doesn't do anyone any good. You need to have someone who knows the community and has a way of dealing with media. They are the fans link with the team - if the media has a bad view of the team (Crusty GM), then this will come through in coverage.
I don't know what they were paying Arash, but 60-70 grand(?) seems a small price to pay for better relations and it lets Forrest focus on building the team, not dealing with bothersome reporters....

Maybe they should have offered Joseph 1.95 mil, and hired a media-relations guy :slight_smile:

Rumor has it they are using one of the football operations (Foresst's assistant) or something to cover that as well. Wonder if they are taking the Vibe off the air with Arash gone?

Arash is gone to the NEW RO. He was fired the day after he showed Coach J around town.....

You mean a ring master!

we just need to hire a guy, period

I do believe Phil Kershaw (ex president of Sask Roughies) is doing the media now is he not?