tell me whats more saddening?

That (A) we nearly got shut out at home by the argos if not for two singles.

OR (B) that if my girlfriend was calling plays for the argo defense the results probably would have been about the same.

we were chatting last night and even she could see the plays coming a mile away (introduced her to CFL football last year btw)

we were at the game on Saturday (thanks for the tickets woody!)

Especially the running plays, not even the pretence of a disguised play.

For SHAME, coach paopao... for shame......

No option for cold/warm beer?


Great poll. Thanks :lol: .
(I'm laughing because I chose option 2 and then saw the results).

(C)..Espo has a girlfriend?? :lol:


Maybe your girlfriend has a future in football. Stop putting her down, Espo!! Just because she's a girl she can't be a great football prodigy? Geez.

it wasn't the girl part,

its the "just started watching CFL football last year" part that was a little more troubling.

I thought the play calling was obvious at first, now i'm trending towards pathetically obvious.

(oh and thanks for the confidence boost guys)

Good poll Espo, I liked that!

Yup...I met her! :thup: :thup:

Even nicer since she likes football! :thup: :thup: :thup:

shes cute too :smiley: