Tell me the league was misquoted

I don't have trouble with the explanation. Machocia showd class by his comments at the bottom of the story. Non issue for me.

Next contraversy!

Seriously folks go and check out the stats...for penalities we are no higher in terms of flag this year then any other year in the past 8 years. The Rider currently lead the league in least penalized team with 149 flag....the least in the last 8 years is 144. The highest least penalized team is 176 in the last 2004.

The worst two year in the last 8 years were 2003 and 2004.

The problem with this year, is the fact that they are telling the refs to use your judgement. It is simple if the penality has an impact on the play then call it. It shouldn't matter what the situation is. No descretion no judgement needed.

leagues dont speak, how can they be misquoted???

I think if the ball is completely uncatchable then no it shouldn't be called, but how do u define an uncatchable ball, 5 10 yards away. It's one of those grey areas, like after a reception where do u define when he has control and if after contact with the ground he does not survive when can it be ruled an incomplete pass or down by contact.

The more you leave to the refs "judgement" or "discretion", the more open to interpretation it is and the more controversy and outcry we will keep having.

Rules are rules. If you drive through a stop sign or red light, you dont get off just because you didnt cause an accident. Play by the rules or pay the penalty. 100%