Tell me the league was misquoted

Wonder if any of you read this story

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I hope the league was misquoted, otherwise our league is in BIG trouble!

Nope. Accurate quote. I'm guessing those conspiracy theories about the league advising refs who should win and get the benefit of the calls will really start flying now. Talk about undermining the guys working for you.

Exactly what part of it says the league is in trouble

the part saying that judgment is more important than the actual rules.

Sometimes it is.
Well, Sometimes you must use judgement when applying a rule.

look.. stop trying so hard to read between the lines ok?

Black is saying that the call was right.. but it was the fact that because the penalty did not affect the play that it really should have not been called.!!

it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with them wanting certain teams to win!!

its just like having an Illegal Block during a Kick Return NOT being called because it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the play!

THAT'S WHAT it talks about!!!

So are you saying that if Kornegay had not been impeded that he would not have been able to cut the corner and block it?

Head coach for EE's quote at the end is very professional.

Judgement has always been a critical factor in making or not making calls. As well it should be.
The league response seems a reasonable one to me.
Which is why all the people all year crying either "more calls" or "fewer calls" have all been wrong.
What the league wants, and fans want are "more consistant calls". Better judgement.

Anyway, I think that Black's comments sum up my feelings on that call. It was holding. So all the people claiming no way was a hold even possible on that play can remain silent.
But it was very questionable whether it should have been flagged.

I also notice that DM and few others have stated that they think Proulx is a good ref, even though they disagree with this one call.
I concur.

Im going to wade into this. I think he started to dive to early and he wouldnt have gotten there anyway. Theres a better chance of 2 touchdowns being scored on kickoffs and someone winning a million dollars.

Honestly, I think only had he come completely clean off the line would he have had a chance.
So had Mauer done his job and legally impeded him, this wouldn’t even be an issue.
The fact that he choose to hold Kornegay resulted in the controversy, but it likely didn’t affect the play.

But defending Proulx, from his angle, he saw the hold and obviously felt it did impact the play. Otherwise he shouldn’t have made the call.
Refs have about 1/10 of a second to reflect on what they see and make a decision.
Sometimes they make a poor choice.

Kicks do get blocked off the corner--the Riders blocked a game winning field goal against the Esks just two years ago.
But I agree with you, he looks like his line was to flat to get a piece.

how many agree that if the ball is uncatchable, interference should not be called. It amounts to the same thing. I think this whole thing is a non issue.

Hahaha! I wonder what Omarr was thinking being on the other side of the ball this time...

“Hmmm, did I sign a one-year contract, or two?”

This if do you know that if there had not been a hold, that Tad K could not have made the play. You don't

The referee has no knowledge when he threw the flag whether that individual was going to be able to block the field goal or not. Even though the flag may have been iffy there is on way the CFL should be apologizing. The only person that had the angle to view that hold was the referee viewing it, he saw it straight on. I know it's sad and all but move on everyone.

Just read this on the CBC. Whatever. I'm still ticked.

The league made the right statement. In reality, games such as football with the constant physical contact could "technically" have an infraction on every play.

If you look hard enough there will be holding on every play somewhere. The problem is that todays CFL refs are calling anything and everything. The league simply stated the obvious, yes it was "technically" holding BUT we need to use a little more discression before throwing flags.

Indeed the ref in this case should have concluded that the rush end would not have impacted the play. Had Mauer dragged down the other player a couple of inches or feet away then the flag would have been justified.

Bottom line is todays refs really do not have a feel for the flow of the games they are in charge of.


Perfect. The situation could not have been articulated better.