Tell me its NOT true!!!! Pleeeaaassseee

Read a column in todays Vancouver Province that the Gleibermans are at it again. I hope the reporter was kidding, but he wrote that Jerry Glanville, (The nutbar from Houston who rode the Motorcycle) would replace Joe Paopao in Ottawa as coach during the off season.

(1) Forest Gregg
(2) Gerry Glanville
(3) Who's next? Dexter Manly again?

Please Ottawa fans....Tell me its a bad joke!

Wait until the Gliebs sell to Fetrik!

After what F-troop did to Calgary, I don't think any fans anywhere in Canada would let Fedrik back......I hope....

Hahaha... that would be hilarious... I don't think he'd wanna set up shop that far from Cali though.

Well he did say he would like to see Kevin try one more time before he sold the Stamps.

Riders need a QB maybe Young Kevin can go there! :wink: :wink:

That would be an upgrade!

jesse lumsden is going to be on the fan 590 / prime-time sports on sportsnet...its on now, but HE will be on shortly....

i know this has nothing to do with this topic, but i thought id notify people without making a NEW topic JUST FOR THIS