Tell me its not so Armour!

I heard from some people that retirement of Oshea in toronto will make the argos go after free agent Armour of the ticats!Sounds very familar, remember Oshea leaving us like this! Please dont leave Armour!This team really does need you!

It scares me that we haven't locked Armour up yet.

O'Shea's ego won't let him retire.

He thinks he can still play in this league.

We know he can't...but let him keep thinking it. :wink:

Oshea cant play?....umm, last i checked, his defence was #1 in the league. if he cant play, im sure the argos wouldnt be number 1.

I think his five rings speak for themself eh?

Yup, his wedding and friendship ring along with his 3 Grey Cups have entitled him to an all-time Argo award last game. ARRRGOOOS, first in the East.

See... Argo fans are happy with his 60 some tackles in 17 games.

No point in retiring.

Yup and his 3 interceptions in the last two games! Well yesterdays didn't count due to a penalty, but you get the point. Add the fact that the coaches always comment on how he "quarterbacks" the defence, which hasn't let a TD in 2 games, I'm sure most would agree with you that all is well in the first place defence in Argoland.

Exactly my point.

He won't retire.

Give it up Z. No self respecting Ti-Cat fan has any use for O'Shea. The guy is the gunk on the feet of slime.

Your right the Nots and Osheat belong together.

Why would a DEFENSIVE player want to play for best DEFENSIVE system in the CFL? And a coach that totally understands the CFL game?? Hmm....

er, ah, um...

O'shea - MLB
Armour - OLB

now, i ain't saying #32 couldn't make the move inside but uh, there is a bit of a difference between two positions.

I wondered why nobody had pointed that out yet. If we do not manage to bring Armour back next year I am not going to be happy and (as hard as this is to believe) I'm not very nice when I'm not happy. :twisted:

Still doesnt stop the argos to go after him!They have men who can move to the middle!

Linebackers who can play at a top level in the CFL are probably the toughest to find with QB's.

If Armour is a free agent, he will get offers from quite a few teams and in this league opposing GM's won't give a damn that Hamilton needs to be allowed to build a team.

Of course it doesn't. Anyone who DOESN'T go after him is an idiot. Hopefully we won't be the idiots who let him get away.

Remember back at the draft two years ago I insisted the ticats do some thing to get pottinger as our first pick but everyone insisted to me that we signed a guy named armour who is better.Yes armour has proven him self but pottinger went on to win the grey cup in his first year in the cfl and will probrally win another one this year again making it two straight years in the cfl!Oh yah what do we have.We are going to lose Armour!Wooooooooo!

hey uh... kind of hard to draft people when you trade yer picks away eh? LOL...

Pottinger is a special teamer at best. I've seen him play for the Lions. Whenever he starts at LB, and has a lot of trouble stopping a RB before the RB drags him for a few more yards. Armour is a better tackler, and a vocal leader who we should definitely re-sign.