Television Ratings

William Huston is back at the Globe and so are the T.V. ratings. For this week the CFL averaged 440.000
for the weekend games....all good audiences. According to the Calgary Herald the league is up 7% over last year for the same period.

That's great. It's been an outstanding quality of football so far. ( Unlike the last two season) Hopefully it'll translate into higher attendance.

I would like to see the audience difference between a Ti-cats home game blacked out compared to a Ti-cat home game on the same night not blacked out. I would like to see a measured difference between the two. I'm just curious how many fewer people would have watched a blacked out game.

Guess TSN reaches the audience after all :slight_smile:

I'm not saying you are wrong or anything...I just have no idea what you really mean by that. What is this a reference to?

I wonder what TSN thinks about these blackouts? I'm sure whatever programming TSN puts on instead of the CFL game it won't come anywhere near the same ratings (unless they put curling on).

Thinking out loud, lower ratings = less money TSN can charge for advertising. And I know it's only a local blackout, but they're blacking out the biggest market in the country in southern Ontario.

Overall your point is well taken, but here's my counterpoint...

I was away at the cottage when the Cats played Calgary - no cable (but I do get CBC via the aerial on the roof). So I trekked down to the local watering hole to catch the game on the big screen. It was on, but with no sound. I suffered the double indignity of watching a thrashing and listening to the waitresses bitching about their lot in life all night. The only consolation was that this particular watering hole closes at 11PM during the week (though they let me stay until 11:30PM while they cleaned up), so I didn't have to witness the whole game.

Every night is interesting in it's own way, but had that game been a good one, I'd be pining for the CBC to have the coverage back after that night.

I miss the Walbynator.

An Argo-Cat fan :frowning:

I live in the USA, so i'm not able to watch any CFL games on TV. only chance I have is to watch the games on - which is nice since i can watch the games while at work, but it's not the same feeling on a TV.