Ok The other day i was having a friendly conversation with a telemarketer trying to get him off his game. So then i said "how bout them bluejays?" as i was watching tsn and thats the highlights they were showing. Then he said "how bout them blue bombers?" as a blue bomber fan i obviously said "Yeah, first place. very good." and then he dropped a bombshell and said... "yeah, if you like amateur football!!" so they i yelled, "CFL IS PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL!! and slammed the phone down.

What a jerk.

...I suppose they do not get much CFL coverage in Calcutta...

He was probably from Toronto.

I've never been able to get a telemarketer to talk about sports... maybe I'm just not trying hard enough.

But I like Jerry Seinfeld's way of dealing with them. :lol:

I never knew StatiK was a telemarketer. All of the more reason to despise him. :twisted:

...assuming a telemarketer is from India - <-5> Karma Points...
...saying he is from Toronto - <-32> Karma points....
...assuming it is 'banned' StatiK76 - Priceless....

Just ask them if they found Jesus in their heart...usually they hang up pretty quick...that's waht I do.

I used to work in an inbound call centre, and I showed up at work one day with everybody talking about some drunk guy from BC prank calling over and over. We were instructed not to answer his calls, but to drop them instead. Well when I was going to answer my phone, I realized it was the number I wasn't supposed to answer, but since I always liked the prank calls I answered it anyways. He started off being a drunk idiot, but one thing led to another and we just started talking about football. He was unfortunately a lions fan (obviously) but it was a nice little break and we talked about the CFL for quite a while. He told me I was the best operator he talked to all day, and I think he quit calling too.

This one is Priceless

RLR quit phoning and acting drunk!

:lol: :lol: :lol: That was hilarious, ro.