teir 2 cfl? Good or Bad idea?

There is a possibility with a 6 team league in close promiximity of making a 14 game, 12 week schedual that would work like this:
East teams: 1,2,3
West Teams: a,b,c
Week 1:
3 vs. c, a vs. b, 1 vs. 2
Week 2:
1 vs. b(thurs), a vs. c, 2 vs. 3, 1 vs. b(sun)
Week 3:
2 vs. a(Th), b vs. c, 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. a(su)
Week 4:
a vs. 1, 2 vs. 3, b vs. c
Week 5:
3 vs. c, 1 vs. 2, a vs. b
Week 6:
3 vs. b(th), 1 vs. 2, a vs. c, 3 vs. b(sun)
week 7:
2 vs. b, 1 vs. 3, a vs. c
Week 8:
2 vs. c(th), 1 vs. 3, b vs. a, 2 vs. c
Week 9:
3 vs. a(th), 1 vs. 2, b vs. c, 3 vs. a(sun)
week 10:
1 vs. a, 2 vs. 3, b vs. c
week 11:
1 vs. c(th), 2 vs. 3, a vs. b, 1 vs. c(sun)
week 12:
2 vs. b, 1 vs. 3, a vs. c

each teams schedual is:
8 vs. Division(4 times each)
6 vs. Other division(2 times each)
the Thur, Sun games are home games for one team for one weekend.
So for example:
a plays 1 in a home and home.(a and 1 get a home game)
a plays 2 on the road each time.(a on the road)
a plays 3 at home each time.(a at home)
To lower travel expenses and Wear on the players.

When I saw the huge bolded words, I thought I was about to be flamed haha. I agree, I cant wait until we actually talk football…

Oh and it’s nice to know someone agrees with me…

Nothing wrong with a good look at expansion options,High % of bad votes are over financial concerns, based on nfl type economics, - IMHO if the CFl apporached this , not to make immediate profit but break even, and approached it in a traditional cfl fashion, then it could be done collectively in partership with, communities ownership. Its playoff games could be double headers with CFl games. etc etc, --Rosters could draw from CFL practice rosters, and Cut draft picks, and CFl free agents who aren't signed,. ETc- The CFL could begin administration of new division, in 2007 and develop the fan base and season ticket base to start play in 2009?- considering there are 8 cfl teams , a 4 team loop, (BIG 4)teir 2 cfl?( eastern Division like in the past). :thup: Windsor Quebec Halifax Ottawa If each team makes one road trip, Playing head to head games, i think thats a 12 game sked, Financial details, ?

Canadian boys need a Tier 2 league. Currently there lots of leagues the NFL draws on. AFL, indoor leagues as well as the NAFL (semi-pro summer league - see http://nafl.org/). There are Canadian teams playing in this league (2 in Ontario), playing with NFL rules and traveling to U.S. cities. It would be great if the there was a CFL Tier 2 level for the boys to play in. Less travel for them. I voted "for" just for this reason.

The big issue seems to be if the CFL2 pays players, if it should be a amateur or Pro league.

Now if players are 'assigned' to these teams from CFL teams they will need compensation.
Now the first 1-3 years will be the biggest trouble years.

If the league started out by just providing housing/travel for players that might be enough. (with of course some meal part too) so basicly start in year 1 as an amateur league.

Now if there are sufficient Revenues and response the paying the players could happen, but it would need to be player expenses must be X% of the total Revenues of the league.

Something like 40%
the goal of this would be to lower starting costs.

This 6-8 team league should be able to raise around 2M a year in revenues, providing teams are playing out of university stadiums for a low costs(for stadium usage) expenses should be able to remain low.

If this is going to be a development league for the CFL, then it cannot be like the afl(alberta football league) or the NAFL. Those two leagues goals are basicly to get their players CIS/NCAA(college/Uni) scholarships.

This CFL 2 will be to develop NCAA Division 3 players, CIS, CJFL and even possibly even guys from the afl(ablerta)

The reason players would/will play is:
Love of the game
Dream to play in a full pro league(CFL/NFL)

The league will need a veteran rule to ensure teams stay young and stay developping.