Teed Off

Why would we use a slippy cheap tee for kicking crucial points?Why not just use a normal tee or even no tee at all?A 10 dollar slippy tee that looks like a bathroom tile just cost us 2 crucial points,it just get dumber each game. :cowboy:

When we start blaming the tee, we've run out of things to blame. I think its time to move on and look forward to the next 2 games, there is still a chance and we're in it until the end.

Its a poor craftsmen who blames his tools

Why not blame the tee? :smiley: We've already heard enough about Cortez and Creehan. I think this off-season Obie should assign the scout team to find the best, highest quality tees.

There might be a conspiracy here also. Aren't those the same tees that Wally sent over in the trade for Arland Bruce? It appears that Buono is out to get us. 8)

I've been saying this all along but nobody would listen. Obie went out and spent a bunch of money on all these flashy footballs, when he has completely ignored this team's biggest weakness: THE KICKING TEES. Footballs sell tickets, but TEES win championships. Look at Montreal, it seems like they have great tees year after year! And then when we find a good tee, we end up letting it get snatched away by Edmonton!

yeah, time to start using teacups, no saucers.

Fire the tee! Fire the tee!

I don't think it is fair to blame it on the rookie Canadian tee. We should sign an import tee in the off season. Are their any free agent tees available?

I got a couple I could make available for 5 figures, no decimal point :slight_smile:

:lol: I love the bolded part most of all

Tee Martin? :wink:

(Remember him?)


Is "The Tee" a code word for Coach Cortez? I don't get it.........spills beer

Its clear the team doesen't have the smarts to make simple decisions.A challenge flag in Montreal and a simple chip shot field goal in Galgary.We already would have had 16 points with no worries but look at us now,we are the biggest laugh in the league.hahahahahahahahahha what a joke! :lol: