Tee Time Is Up! Next Please

now i know this has and is being dicussed in other topics right now but i just have to get this out... kevin glenn is better than Tee martin, ppl are defending tee right now and cuz hes new and are saying that glenn is terrible. HOW DO U FIGURE? sure glenn did not have a great start to the season, but tee has not done anything at all to impress me yet, he overthrows so much his completion percent as far as i know is brutal cuz thats how it looks. Kevin did good when he stepped into the starting role last year and he won us games! yes this is a diff bomber team out there this year but tee knows this offense hes been on forawhile and hasnt shown me anything to convince me that he should be our starter. glenn has done sum good things here already pluss hes got the game experience, with kevin glenn at the helm the bombers score at least one td on offense and the bombers win the game no doubt in my mind. its time to see wynn or michna play. martin maybe good in the future when he spends sum time on bak up cuz he clearly is not the answer for the blue bombers. our d shut down one of the best O's in the game, but our offense could not pull its weight (credit given to esks D) but they should been able to do more. to bad tee isnt workin out.... Next :frowning:

Spergon Wynn! He played well last year for BC.

If recievers are getting open. Do you think S.W. or R.M. will have anything better? The professional level for a QB position needs time.

i really dont know if wynn or michna would do any better, and yes the qb position does take time but we still have all season we dont know how our other 2 qbs will perform unless we give em a chance, they couldnt do much worse than tee hs been doing. personally i think our future lies in either spergon wynn or kevin glenn....

As you all know we had Wynn here in BC the last couple of years . He did real good in ONE game he played the winning drive against the Riders. That was about it . The year before when DD went down and Wynn was the back up , he got more playing time . He didn't look that good then.
Last year when he pulled off the win , he did so with the high powered Lions offence. He's got a different group of guys now. I wouldn't expect him to look as good now.
Having said that, I still think he's probably still the best you got. Trouble is he's still a backup calibre QB , but then so are the rest of your guys.
What you guys really need is a new coach and gm , who would have seen this in the offseason.
But hey your defence looked pretty good last night vs the Esks.

ok... i think you are basing his performance in 2003 on that one game in the playoffs... and you can't judge anyone with just one game... fact is that he performed well here in BC in BOTH 2003 and 2004 when he was called upon... in 2003 he was 46 of 65 thats a 70.8% completion percent... 626 yards... 4 TD's and 1 INT... thats pretty good if you ask me... he also ran 28 times for 126 yards and a TD... in 2004 he went 21 of 34.. 61.8% CP... 268 yards 2 TD's...

And we can't say that he's just a "backup calibre" QB... fact is he has only been given the chance to start in 2 games... he has not had a chance to prove if he's starter worthy or just back-up material... i do think he has the ability to be a starter... but he has to be given the chance first... the Bombers have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain by starting him next game.

In the last three games, I have not seen anything in Martin that would suggest he can be a top notch QB. What disturbs me is how Daley has tunnel vision and did not go to the back ups when it was clear in any of the games that Martin was clearly struggling. Maybe Daley is not cut out to be a head coach, merely a capable assistant. As for next game, for sure Wynn should be the starter.

I thought Bombers were gonna be decent this season when the Lions lost Wynn to them. I can’t believe you Bomber fans have so much faith in Martin. Wynn, IMO, would make your team better if he were the starter.

I agree with Lionbacker. I have no faith in Martin. Me watching him every time step on the field, gets me so frustrated. Let's see want Wynn can do, and if he sucks(which I hope not >.<) fool around with Martin until Glenn gets better. Glenn is our starter and Wynn should be playing for us and not Martin. I don't care if we are trying to get Martin to adjust with us. How hard is it to get down the field without not blowing it on the first two downs and having to punt it or watch Westwood mess up or whatever? Like we got one touchdown with Martin and that was agaisnt Edmonton when he chucked it and some bomber player caught it for a easy TD because we started off so close at the endzone. Please, play Wynn until Glenn gets better. Hopefully, this Friday.

Not true at all. Martin is showing his potential. Martin is only now getting used to reading defense. Martin showed me on Friday. He's also throwing the ball instead of making a bad play to throw an INT. Therefore, you can tell he's trying to get farmiliar with where/what his receivers like to do. That's the reason Martin has been playing as he has. I'm starting to see where Daley is heading with his system. The BB's showed me a lot on Friday. I really think we're a better team next week because of how things are now.

I hope Montreal destroys Martin next week if he plays...

The guy just needs is groove. He can do it.

If he has one nice drive and can actually get a touchdown, I'll believe in him. If I have to listen to another football game (this friday agaisnt Montreal) when Martin does barely nothing... Oh Boy...I just hope Martin can get something going, if not..Daley will be going down with Tee Martin..

How many games do you give Martin to learn? 18?
And if Glenn is really the starter, what happens when he is healthy? Does he just come back to the lineup, or do we continue to let Martin 'learn'?
There is probably only 1-2 games left until Glenn is healthy. Why not put someone who doesn't have to 'learn' the CFL before he can be effective.


Wynn for teh win!!!!

i agree lets see spergon, didnt he start for the vikings for a game or sumthin i thot i remembered hearing that sumwhere. yea we do need to let spegon "learn" the offense. tee has along time to "learn" becuz if glenn comes back nd plays crappy for awhile more than likely tee will get another shot and by then hed have more larining behind glenn, but hopefully when glenn comes back he'l do ood and we wont have to worry or hopefully wynn or michna will step up and give us some wins!

You guys need to get into the program. Tee can rally the troops. Changing the QB won't solve anything. I'm seeing more wins then losses in the future.

Use Michna.
No offense b/c daley is a nice guy but he is an idiot. He was saying in the paper that he would be keeping with Martin b/c he wanted him to get more snaps. You could be 2-2 easily if you had an offense and it all starts at qb.

As a matter of fact I have the perfect scenario. Bombers start 0-6 b/c they play MTL and I think TOR next. Then a new coach gets hired and puts a different qb OR Glenn comes back and they beat OTT and HAM and make the new coach look like a hero!

i think it's you who needs to get with the program here...... i don't know what games you've been watching... but so far in 3 games Tee has done NOTHING... he's 35 for 81 thats a dismal 43.2% completion percentage... yes you heard me right.... FOURTY THREE percent completion.....only 379 yards.... only 1 TD and 2 INT's.... those numbers are PATHETIC...... you will NEVER.... let me repeat that word for dramatic effect...... NEVER... win when your QB only avgs. only 126 yards a game... not to mention the 1 TD..... this in THREE games... not one... THREE... i see no potential from him yet... and leaving him in with those numbers only sets you up for another loss... your coach needs to start thinking about his own job and DO something... instead of stand there and make excuses for Tee.

But hey.... if you want to lose... Tee is your man

Good post. Couldn't agree with you more. But if Peg wants to be 1-17 they could keep like this. WPG's offense is bad right now and that's how i like them. :smiley: