Tee Martin To Start for BlueBombers

Tee Martin is finally going to get his first CFL start i just read, as Kevin Glenn is suferring from an ankle injury that apparently could put him out for a couple games. The Glenn part is kind of bad news but i really dont mind because ive wanted to see Tee Martin play for a long time, i really hope he does good and becomes the full time starter. I personally think this guy is our best chance this year, hes bigger, has a stronger arm, and is much more mobile. Im excited to see how he does thursday. should be interesting to see also if the rest of the team can step up cuz we play like **** last game. pretty bad! :cry:

Glenn isn’t injured. It’s a trick to play another QB while not saying Glenn isn’t worthy of the starting job. It’s like Jenkins in Montreal. He’s also on the injured list, but he’s only hidden there while Jonas Lewis and Robert Edwards try the #1 job.

NOPE sorry Third… …if you watched the game you could clearly see Shultz of the Riders rolled on the back of his leg…they taped him up but it apparently balooned up on the way back to the Peg…he’s on cruthches and might miss a couple of games…now we will see what Tee can do. :?:

Good luck. This could be the good time to find yourself a QB.

I hope your Bombers give Spergon Wynn a look too. He played well for last year when Printers and Dickenson were injured.

Wow Bomber will have two losses before the Stamps can play their first game. But then again I hope this does not happen. Good luck against the Shmoes

never mind about a possible two loses for the BOMBERS, redwhite2005…you better get tuned up for TO…they didn’t look like push-overs against the Lions :lol:

If the Bombers were smart, they should give Wynn a chance. He’s a pretty quality QB. Don’t know if Bombers fans know much about him.

We should start a topic taking bets on how long its going to be
before Khari gets a call from the bombers.

Cant wait till I hear all you bomber fans turn around and tell us
how great Khari will be now that his shoulder is 100%.

Should be good for a laugh or two. :lol: :lol:

As long as it isn’t Glenn who competely chocked in Regina, I’m happy as a pig in shit !!!

How’d McGarity look last game???

Glenn is not a good enough qb to be playing in the CFL. Was he not a backup up for 5 years to Jones. I watched the game and was not impressed with him at all. He is in the same calibre as that White guy in Montreal. Winnipeg fans should hope that Tee Martin is an improvement or Wynn does something, otherwise your team is in for a long season.

Good i get that game in the states. Tee Martin is a great athlete and should add some excitement to the team. Maybe an upset special???

Actually glenn was Riders 2nd string last year behing burris. I guess you could have considerred him third string though because Nealon was injured most of the season. I remember watching the lions last year and seeing wynn play. He was actually pretty good. I actually remember thinking that their third string qb is better than most teams starters. anyhow they should play Wynn.

Wynn is a quality QB…but waiting in the wings is this kid Michna…great potential as he looked the best of all the QB’S. IN PRE-SEASON…but that’s pre-season. Tee has been waiting to get his shot and now the op. is here. If it dosen’t work out with Martin , if I were Daley , I wouldn’t hesitate to go with Wynn. It’s kind of a nice position to be in…but someone has to step up to the plate. I would agree Glenn dosen’t look like the answer right now…time is ticking away on him as a starter. :!:

Glenn just didn’t lead the BB’s in Regina like a good QB should.

Well, Martin is a hell of an athlete. Not sure about his QB skills but what have you got to lose? And isn’t there ALWAYS somebody waiting in the wings, Papa? That’s one BAD team…oh wait, don’t we play you’se guys this week?

The radio said Glen might be out for 6-8 weeks…Bomber Posters…Is that an accurate report?

yeah 6-8 weeks is correct…Eski-Moses I know we strike fear into the hearts of our opponents especially after that first game… yeah right…but really, you should just take us for granted and an easy 2 pts. tomorrow… we might just show up for this game though…which team…dunno…but I know we are starting Mr. Tee for sure…and you are right, he is one helluva athlete…hope he gets some support. :?:

I said at the start of the year.That T.Marin will be MVP.
Something tells me he is going to be another Printers.
If I’m wrong,who cares?He is a bomber!!!