Tedford quits Buono to Head Coach Lions

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#CFL BREAKING NEWS: Jeff Tedford resigns as @BCLions Head Coach, @GM_Brillo returns to the sidelines.

VANCOUVER - The BC Lions announced today that Jeff Tedford has resigned as the club’s head coach.

“After much consideration, I have elected to exercise an option in my contract and will resign as head coach of the BC Lions in order to pursue other opportunities in college football," said Tedford in a statement released by the team. "I want to thank Lions ownership, management, coaching staff and players and in particular Lions fans for the opportunity and privilege of serving as head coach this past year. The team displayed great fortitude in overcoming several obstacles this season and the future is very bright for these young Lions. I wish the Lions family the very best and long and continued success.?

Lions VP of football operations and GM Wally Buono will take over coaching duties for the 2016 season.

“After consulting with David Braley and Dennis Skulsky, we believe the best course of action for the club at this time is for me to return as head coach,? said Buono.

Seems like this was inevitable given all the talk, like Buono doing the exit interviews with the players instead of Tedford and the rumors that an NCAA coaching committee had been poking around his interest in returning south.

So, Benevides is currently not coaching, Chapdelaine and Dorazio are in limbo in Riderville waiting to see how the HC search pans out. Is Buono going to try reunite his old staff?

BRAVO. Tedford was just awful this year.

The Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days came to mind when I heard about this. Is Wally REALLY the only man for the job, or has it been rigged this way since day one? The decision for him to take over came so quick. You'd think they'd have at least waited into the new year, and maybe have a look at their options. Seems kinda funny to me.

look out CFL.. Buono will bring the Lions back to the prime

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#BCLions Wally Buono says offensive coordinator George Cortez won't be back. #CFL

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It was not all on Tedford.

Since 2012 the team has been gutted talent wise.

Not sure if Buono is the answer, BC although still competitive at the time he left, looked to be on a bit of a down turn.

Buono, tends to develop negative issues with veteran players, not sure if being back on the sidelines will help.

Pretty much guarantee that Harris won't be back, after their public statements at the end of their season.

What, are they copying Montreal? Not sure Buono is gonna lead them back to glory. Bit of a knee jerk reaction by the organization.

CFL season is over, but appears it's the start of silly season. I can't remember all the changes so soon after the Grey Cup.

So… Jeff Tedford, head coach of the Lions is tendering is resignation. That was fast. From comments he'd made when hired a year ago it sounded like he was going to be around for awhile- despite a 7-11 record in his first year as head coach. This is what he said a year ago about coming to Canada and to the B.C. Lions:

"I've always had fond memories and a soft spot in my heart for the CFL, both as a player and a coach," said Tedford during a late afternoon news conference at the Lions' practice facility. "I had great times doing both."

“I am excited and honoured to be the head coach of the BC Lions,? said Tedford. “The Canadian Football League has remained close to my heart since my days as a player and as an assistant in Calgary. Joining the Lions today is the beginning of a new chapter and I look forward to the challenge of bringing a championship to BC."

I was not expecting Tedford to leave so soon. I'm wondering why. Does anyone know? Personalty issues with certain team players? Poor play choices? What?

Wally takes over as Head Coach in 2016. Sometimes I think a coach is only as good as the players he is coaching. Wally is no Houdini. Ooops, maybe he is! Who can forget the 2011 season?
He will have his work cut out for him next season. But, hey…if Ottawa can go from 2-16 last year to coming within a TD of winning the 2015 Grey Cup, anything is possible!

I think the way he brought his young QB along was great and the Lions improved huge from the beginning of the season to the end. I think this is a negative for the Lions and one too many lap by Buono.

It might have been an issue with Harris, get rid of the coach sign the player.

Hmmm… that is interesting oilerrocker. We'll find out soon enough. Although based on some of Buono's comments about Harris I have my doubts.

Tedford was a fish out of water as a CFL head coach. He'd been gone too long and was not up to speed about what it takes to win in the CFL today. His big-idea was bringing in a H-Back or TE offence but didn't have the personelle to fill those positions. He seemed to dislike talking to the media and perhaps did the team a favour by resigning.

Having the guy who negotiates your salary as the head coach is usually a motivator for the players. I'll bet the Lions will be much sharper coming out of the gate next season with Buono as coach. :thup:

These decisions are all centred around money. Tedfird took the minimum he was willing to work for ,but with the huge drop in the Canadian dollar he obviously wasn't willing to work for that little amount of money. As for Buono coming back, this move is to save money by not hiring a coach , to save cheapskate Braley money

Good point . Not sure if Buono will have as much success as Tedford if he doesn't get Harris signed.

Tedford resigned, he wasn't fired, so he is not owed money. Now Cortez will be owed money for being dismissed
With Buono now taking over there will be some savings on a head coach but will have to pay for a new OC.
It was said that Tedford had trouble adjusting to the very limited practice time rules of the CFL,
2 weeks of Training Camp and only 2 pre season games was not enough time to accomplish what he wanted
Add in only 2 - 4 hour practices and a walk thru allowed per week for the rest of the season and results were poor
Coming from US College, he could practice anytime and for as long as he wanted as long as the kids got study time which was somebody else's responsibility
I think hiring non CFL Head Coaches will not happen again IMHO which is great for the advancement of Coordinators

Yep, hiring a head coach out of the NFL or NCAA isn’t likely to work in the CFL today. For every Marc Trestman there’s a Bart Andrus, Dan Hawkins or Jeff Tedford. Most coaches need at least 3 years of seasoning in the CFL to begin to know what there doing.

And I’ll bet Wally will be getting a raise, probably in the range of $150k to $200k to coach this season…on top of his vice president and general manager stipends from the Lions.