Ted Rogers; Philanthropist

Allow me to introduce you to Canada's newest philanthropist, Ted Rogers. According to Rogers executive Adrian Montgomery, GM of the Toronto-Bills series,Rogers is not bringing the Bills up to Toronto to make money. In todays edition of the Toronto Sun Montgomery was quoted as saying, "We want to do something special for Toronto. There are far better ways for Rogers to make money than to bring the NFL here for a couple games. This is about giving back to the city."
If you look carefully you may see Mr. Rogers walking on water at Queen's Quay.

hey rogers you wanna be a philanthropist, lower your cable fees you crook, hook a brotha up, i need a nice satellite.

He wants to do something special for Toronto and bringing the Bills there qualifies as that. Holy crap, and I mean crap! If that's special, he has one weird version of what I'd call special, that's for sure.

Ted Rogers... helping Toronto be more like Buffalo since 2007

"We want to do something special for Toronto...This is about giving back to the city."
this bile is enough to make a sow gag.

I wonder if it was said with a straight face?

True enough you'd really have to think.