Ted Rogers NOLONGER interested in NFL

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Rogers Communications Inc. continues to have little interest in pursuing an expansion NFL team for Toronto despite soaring profits.

Canada's largest cable TV and cellphone operator is "not interested in investing huge amounts in a thing like that," chief executive officer Ted Rogers said Tuesday after announcing the company's biggest-ever quarter.

He added that the NFL is more likely to expand in California rather than north of the border.

Speculation that Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment minority owner and chairman of the board, would team up in pursuit of an expansion squad began last month when their two companies announced a partnership.

At the time Tanenbaum said, "We're working together on a number of initiatives and the NFL may be one."

Rogers was much cooler to the notion, describing the projected expansion fee of $1 billion (U.S.) as "a harem-scarem thing."

"We're trying to pay down our debt and increase dividends a little bit and strengthen our base," he said last month. "We don't want to do any harem-scarem thing."

The communications giant also owns the Toronto Blue Jays and their home, the Rogers Centre.

On Tuesday, Rogers Communications Inc. announced that it is more than doubling its dividend and splitting its stock after third-quarter net income tripled.

Gee, haven't we all been saying the same thing in the last dozen or so "NFL is comming to Canada light my hair on fire" posts?

Good article as usual DG.

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I will be interesting to see if the NFL can get someone to pony up a billion bucks for an expansion fee. That would make me scary even if I had the money and could target that after so many years I would be profitable. The problem with Toronto now is that it is such a Leafs town that everything else is way down the list it seems. This is a factor going agains't them I think and something that makes Ted a tad nervous, and rightly so.

How long would it take to make a profit of $1 billion on a football team, and what profit could have been made on that money in the meantime invested somewhere else?

And Ted is up to his neck trying to spend near the Yankees and Red Sox so people don't label the Jays a second-tier team. This is keeping them busy in the Rogers admin for sure.

and in the "money flowing out the door" biz.

Well, first you have a group of owners. Say your group of the group gathers up 1/4 equaling 250 million. If the team makes 50 million a year, you pay back your debt what is only required that year and take your 10 million cut. A team is profitable after the first season. It just takes collectively 30+ years to pay off the original 1 bill. It takes money to make money. It's like small business but adding zeros!

But today in The Star, Paul Godfrey vows to fight on to bring to Toronto his dream:

"But long-time NFL proponent Paul Godfrey, president of the Rogers-owned Blue Jays, vowed to keep up the fight.

But, 'a number of prominent Torontonians are interested in ownership.'
Paul Godfrey, CEO of the Rogers Centre, on his dream of bringing an NFL team to Toronto

"I appreciate and understand his (Rogers') position and have no difficulty with that, however, it's my plan to continue pursuing an NFL team. Am I going to keep chasing the '08 game (a proposed regular-season game, outside the existing 32 sites)? Absolutely. An NFL team beyond that? Absolutely.

"Besides running the Toronto Blue Jays, I also operate a building that just happens to be named the Rogers Centre that can accommodate an NFL football team. Right now, it's the only facility they could play in. And, right now, there's a considerable number of prominent Torontonians interested in an ownership group."

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Ah, our good friend Paul Godfrey, he doesn't have the money himself but he still has his dream in sight. Well Paul, a billion bucks is all they want, go for it man, let's see you do it but I bet you can't.

It'd be even better if he got it, and the franchise folded after a year or two. That would end the "bring the NFL to Canada" crap.

But that wouldn't happen, so all you people in these second rate canadian cities will still have a huge inferior complex.

re PG-"I also operate a building that just happens to be named the Rogers Centre " , IMHO the rcmp should be investigating the sale of the sky dome, for the 25 million, ITS Taxpayer monies that built it for 600 million,-

Actually Argos_Bills, the only inferiority complex I have not living in Toronto is that I feel sorry for those that have to live there that don't want to but have to because they need to be close to their work. Crime galore, traffic nightmares, no community feel to the city, killings and muggings all the time, little green space and too many high rise ugly buildings etc.

ArgosBill keeps reinfocing why I'm glad I'm NOT living in Toronto.

My apologies to the good people who do live there!

wow, you have a real attitude problem! Someone needs to straighten it out for you!

Stop trashing other Cities in Canada buddy. because Even though Toronto may be our largest City that doesn't make it a great city by ANY MEANS!!

Edmonton may only be a Million people but we kick A$$ when it comes to many things, where the City of Toronto could care less if anything that isn't Maple Leafs!!

you will forever have one hell of a time trying to convince ANYONE here that Toronto is any better than any city elsewhere!

the NFL Will come to Toronto when George Bush decides to become a Democrat!..

Is there a bigger idiot in Canada than Paul Godfrey? And has this guy ever delivered on any of his whachy "promises"?

I mean this guy has screwed up so much, yet there's always another sucker out there, like Ted Rogers, who will hire the guy? Does Godfrey have secrets on people to get hired so much?

And how Godfrey could be involved in buying back the 600 million taxpayer paid for Skydome back for 25 million should be investigated by the authorities, as one person already stated.

And its no surprise Ted Rogers wants nothing to do with another Godfrey scheme. After all Godfrey convinced Rogers to buy the Blue Jays. Probably by saying the early 90's success could be easily recreated.

But last year Rogers dropped 25 million on baseball. With an increase in payroll, it could go to 35 million. Rogers also lost big money on Arena football. Another Godfrey idea.

So its no surprise Rogers wants nothing to do with this NFL idea. Looks to like he has finally come to his senses. That is when Paul Godfrey speaks, run like hell the other way!

What no one ever thought he would buy a team now did they? Ha ha ha many of us on here stated this long ago. :lol:

The Problem with the ,never ending speculation about a toronto nfl team, is how it affects Ticket sales for argo games, if toronto,smedia supported the team they have! the skydome could be sold out for cfl games IMHO.

People including Godfrey might think your an idoit Berizen.

Skydome was supposed to be built for 200 million and thanks to Ellis Don it came in 400 over. Now that is what needed investigation. At the time you could get government funding to help built a better city, bla bla bla. However, Skydome has changed owners a few times and the truth is that the owners can sell it for whatever they want. Rogers got a great deal for 25 million but the owners were satisfied to for that price because really no one wanted it.

Godfrey did not convince Rogers to buy the jays, he did convince them to raise the payroll to 70 million, not 25 as you stated. What was the result? Well actually a competitive team that baring some injuries could have really made a run for a Wild Card.

Gee ArgoZ. I always enjoy talking to people who act like they know it all. But you don't.

Godfrey was deeply involved in building the Skydome. He was involved in the changes to the original design. Like adding a hotel. He also added extra things like a weightroom, disguised as a health club. This was for his NFL franchise. This added millions more to the cost. Also Godfrey paid workers double and triple time to get the Skydome done on time. Add all this together, and you get a billion dollar stadium.

And Godfrey did broker the Blue jays-Rogers deal. If you remember the press conference when the Jays were bought, goofy Godfrey was front and centre. Taking all the accolades for keeping the Jays in Toronot.

And lastly, Rogers LOST 25 million on baseball this year. And who is the president? Paul Godfrey. Another disaster courtesty of Mr. Godfrey. He's a scammer. A sham. And a joker.

And really. I'm always amazed at people who can use the word "exciting" and "baseball" in the same sentence.