Ted Rogers In Hospital

How ironic.
Ted Rogers and cohorts were gleefully counting the days until the elderly Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills,
would fianlly kick the bucket.
But alas I read today that Ted himself is now in hospital.
Not to wish badly on Rogers, but talk about irony.
He could go before Wilson.
Goes to show you should never wish ill on other people.
Because it may come back to bite you.

Maybe that poison your using is finally working LOL.

I wish nothing bad on the guy, but I find it ironic how it was Rogers and friends waiting for Wilson to die.
But now its Teddy boy, 82 year old Teddy boy with a heart problem, who's on the ropes.

...maybe Wilson will buy the Blue Jays, move 'em to Buffalo...

Honest to God... :roll:

If so, they would HAVE to be named the Buffalo Wings.

...or Wilson's Wobins...

...wyuk, wyuk, wyuk, wyuk...

Red you really are not doing comedy are you. I have to say Buffalo Wings was funny but Wobins!

Wow Rogers is 82 years old LOL I did not realize he has a seniors crad for breakfeasts.

I am going to light myself on fire here, but I do, and have for some time, wish both Rogers and Godrey and the rest of that pack ill. Canada and the CFL will be better off without him. Go ahead and hate me.....more, I am not going to be PC on this.

When it comes to sports, specially CFL related, the only person I ever hated worse than those guys was Joe Galat.

Berezin99 and FootBallYouBet in the same topic, can this thread get any better?

Chances are no.

well, far as I'm concerned. the American Loving, CFL hating SOB can go anytime now.

sorry but I can't stand people who have such a dislike for something as so Canadian as the CFL.

Yikes cflbest tooo! Three CFL patriots!

What are the odds that berezin starts a topic that is totally unrelated to the CFL about his dislike for someone who likes the NFL?

Oh snap!

You know there were some quality football games today, eh?

He who craps on people beware?

pretty much my same thought.

Wolves in sheep's clothing...

Well said, berezin; so like you I would never wish anything bad on Rogers.
He's 82 and lived a good life, and we know we've all got to go some time. I know I wouldn't feel cheated if I lived to be 82 (big IF there.) But any death leaves a grieving family, and having been through it I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
I see the irony you're pointing out, berezin. But I have a real problem with those on this thread who are wishing for the man to pass away. Not cool. :thdn:

Well, some people just don't have any class...

is there no one you wish would pass away?

Bin laden?

Certain child rapist?

Women abusers?

Drug dealers?

It really is just a matter of where you choose to draw the line. My line includes anyone who I deem a threat to the CFL.