Ted Michaels

Please CHML, replace this guy before the season starts.

He knows "jack" about football ... let Rick Zamperin work overtime and bring back Coach Sal for the 5th Quarter.

Ted was mentioning last night that Chang was working against all of Winnipeg's 2nd stringers ...

Mr. Michaels, these are professional athletes who can still tackle, intercept, sack ... Chang still has to read the defence and complete the pass.

Stick to the McMaster games and barking the news ... we don't need your kind @ Ivor Wynne.

What exactly does "your kind" mean.

Is he a martian?

Even worse, is he one of those infidels who would dare critisize the "teflon coated" Timmy Chang?

8) If you think Ted knows "jack" about football, then what is your unbiased opinion regarding the "morons" that call up to talk to him on the 5th. Quarter ?????
I would be willing to bet that Mr. Michaels knows a heck of a lot more about football than you would ever care to believe !!!!!!

And… he knows more than Zamperin as well.

Why do we need to hear Ted's opinions?

He knows no more about what is going on out on the field
or in the coaches offices than the callers do.

He is busy doing the news all day, that's his profession.

Hopefully, John Salavantis will step right off the field
when he finishes coaching at the Ticat Training Camp

and Ted will pass the caller's questions or comments
over to John to comment without adding his own 2 cents.

Failing that, a former or a coach, someone with
professional knowledge of CFL football will be hired.

In my opinion, the Fifth Quarter was improved dramatically when Ted took over. He is highly professional, can get some good debate going, has extensive football and Tiger-cat and community knowledge and knows how to move the show along by getting the most callers a chance that he can squeeze in......he is also one of the best interviewers I know.

One thing people must remember is that the show is strictly an added entertainment feature as is the entire radio business. Every sports post-game show I've ever heard has moderators who know how to run the show.....Ted is no different.....and I've heard them all challenge callers.....and get into heated debates with them......and that goes for every sport.

I find if you get two people running the Fifth Quarter, a lot of valuable caller time is lost due to banter between the people at the microphone.........best to talk to phone callers rather than someone else in the booth.

His Sunday Tiger-Cat Show has been outstanding the past few years since it's inception in my opinion.

Happy Friday the 13th !

You want entertainment? have The General take the calls.
Pure ratings gold.

Ted may be a good radio man in the best tradition of radio
but like Bob Hooper before him he is out of his element

trying to make especially enlightening comments
about what just went on on the football field.

Moderators don't engage in discussion,
they control it and keep it moving.

How can Ted, or any other call-in talk show host not engage in conversation with the caller when the callers are calling in to talk to him?

There's not a post game phone-in sports show in the world that the host doesn't engage in conversation with the guest......and I've listened to a lot of them from many different sports. The Buffalo Bills post game hosts for instance are very lively participants with their callers.

The Fifth Quarter is basically a one hour talk show......and it's far more interesting when the host actually speaks and engages the caller in conversation and debate.

The Jays, Raptors and other CFL teams all do all in shows where the host DOES indeed give his opinion on what he just watched.

I have no problem with the setup of the 5th quarter, I dont agree with him all the time but theres nothing wrong with that.

Saying he "knows nothing about football" means you dont agree with him, and saying "Chang played against 2nd stringers" IS a fact... you may not like the point he made about it, but its a fact either way.

Ted is there to "moderate" the calls, as well as add to the discussion by agreeing or disagreeing with the person calling in to create an entertaining show to listen to... if he nodded and said "ok next caller" after every call it would be quite the boring show listening to all the drunks call in and scream Oskee Wee Wee all night. I Call the show to get Ted`s take and hopefully have an educated discussion, something he is very capable of, unlike many of the other callers on the show.

and it must be Friday the 13th... if i agree with mb.

You worded that perfectly Crash...actually I've commented before that you and Ted have had some very informative discussions on the 5th that I've listened to.........I recall some good debate about officiating a few years back.....and yes, you and him don't always agree but you both seem to end the call on a good note.....and the debate usually ends up productive.

lol....vice-versa...... :lol:

Cheers! 8)

I would take Mike's side on this issue too. Michaels does a good job at keeping the show controversial and fast paced. He handles everyone from knowledgeable football fans to drunks and although I don't agree with all of his assessments, I think he generally does a nice job.

I didn't listen to the entire show but
at the start of the show I heard Ted
going on and on with the first caller

and when I returned to the show again
Ted was the only one making comments.

There should be an ex-player or coach
on the show with him. Was there one?

Ted may know bit about football
but, like myself, he sees the game
from a fan's perspective

Let him throw in his 2 cents worth
if he must, but I want to hear

what an experienced professional
says to the callers about the game.

Well,since Ted isn't here to defend himself, I'll tell a "Ted Michaels Story" to lighten the mood and show that he is only human too and suffers the same daily frustrations as the rest of us......

True story:

A few years ago (two or three) I'm driving along Mud Street heading towards the Linc and encounter a huge traffic back-up which was unusual really......I was on my way home from work and was thinking.....what now!....It was hot, humid and looked like T-Storms were on the way and I just wanted to get home......so after about 15 minutes, I finally see police lights and a cop directing traffic and a car side-ways across the lane where that wierd bend from Mud St used to be as it turned into the Linc..... until they finished the Red Hill Parkway

So I'm passing by the scene and I see the car that looked reallyyyyy familiar.....it had a broken front axle and now both tires were pointing in opposite directions...<---0----0--->......lol

And who do I see at the side of the road in what pretty much was tuxedo?.......yup!.....Ted Michaels....I yelled out......Hey!....what the hell happened?......he waves me to pull over and I do......the cop says "is Ted a friend of yours"?....I say yes......and he says good!.....he needs a lift quick over to Carmens Banquet Hall and fast..He's the MC tonight!....I'm stuck here and can't drive him over!......so I say..........ummm, sure...of course !....Tow truck arrives and Ted gives his credit card info...... and Ted jumps in just as it starts pouring rain, all dressed up in his monkey suit and with a file of notes in his hand...we take off leaving the police officer to finish directing traffic until Ted's car was towed.....up we pull to Carmens and he hops out and scoots inside as everyone else is filing in.

The event Ted was Master of Ceremonies of at Carmens?.....the Annual Hamilton Police Awards!...oooops! ..lmao! ....and apparantly a good number of the guests and recipients at the awards were tied up in the same traffic jam that Ted himself created.....too funny!...I called Ted the next day to see how it all worked out and how his car was and he said he used his opening address to apologize to everyone for the traffic nightmare......hahaha :lol:

Anyways, it all worked out and is a funny story in retrospect. :stuck_out_tongue:

funny thing mb03 I remember a poster by the name of Mikey telling the same story. Must have happened to poor Ted twice, I can't see Mikey hiding behind a new name.

You have a good memory....I recall relating the story a few years ago.....it was worth repeating for the new members who joined since. :smiley:

I announced a username change quite a while ago.....you must have missed it.....no biggie though. I simply retired the old one.

Cheers 8)

Problem with ted is he cuts off callers he doesnt agree with and will almost NEVER cut up a tiger cat player because he is afraid he may insult the guy and he wont come on his little interview show. I lost respect for him when he ripped apart troy davis after he was traded and how much better lumsden was and on and on. Same with maas, he wouldnt allow callers to complain about maas when he was here and told them to call back with another thought but the minute the ink was dry on the trade, he lit into him. Belli was a tough, hard nosed player who played on the edge till he left then he suddenly became a cheap shot artist. Thats not how its done. If a reporter or talk show host cant be objective and honest because he is afraid of upsetting the sponsors, players, coaches, owners or whomever then its time to get a new one with some onions to tell the truth. Sheesh.....he even cut up boreham after he left! its a long list of guys who he wouldnt dare blame while they were here but then jabbed the knife in the back the second they were gone. Show some guts and cut up whoever deserves it, dont wait til they arent cats to say it.

Agree 100% nice post