Ted Michaels updates McMaster University's new stadium

Just had a look at Ted Michaels' review/update of the construction progress of the new Ron Joyce Stadium at McMaster University.

Good stuff! ... looking 'top notch'.

Great job by Ted to boot!!

Have a look at:


(or check out the Fun & Features section on the 'ML site)

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It does look really nice but as i have posted on here in the past i am disappointed that the entire playing area is not wrapped with seating. I know there is budget issues but this will be another Canadian University stadium with seats on one side. The problem with this is optics. When an event held at the new stadium is shown on television it is most likely that the view of the field will be from the seats looking towards the parking lot. The seating where the fans are will rarely be seen. The view will be of a parking lot. If you think about it the same will be for the fans in attendance. Looking at the playing surface with a building and a parking lot as the backdrop.

It does look nice though...


McMaster University will have all television crews for McMaster games shoot into the Grandstands, as
we did at Les Prince Field.

We agree that filming into the stands (as opposed to a parking lot) presents a much better image for broadcasting and for the development of CIS sports.

McMaster will use scissor lifts and/or scaffolding
on the West Sideline (Across from Stands) and North Endzone.

For the East-West Bowl on May 10th, we will likely
use the built in Camera Platform on the Press Box and the Balcony on the David Braley Athletic Centre. This will provide a much easier set-up until we have the opportunity to cable (Triax) the stadium this summer.

I hope this clarifies McMaster's plans regarding this matter.

Robert Hilson
McMaster Athletics & Recreation

Am I the only one who watches football, whether it be on tv or at a stadium, to watch FOOTBALL and not a parking lot, buildings, etc?

Good to hear and thanks to friertuck and Robert for the post. And yes, i watch football for the game and not the parking lots :wink: Just would like to see the game and the new stadium presented well to a TV audience.
Cheers and good luck to the Marauders this coming season!!!

Agree with mycko. Hey, the days when the CIS could have been something along the lines of the NCAA in the US (and not saying BTW that it would be a necessarily good thing all-around for the US scholarship system but that's a different topic) with 40,000, 50,000, 60,000 etc. at a game are gone forever, that's history as they say. The CIS from an optics viewpoint is what she is, grade school looking from a US viewpoint, not the level of play, just the optics. It's good, though, that at least there are some decent stadiums going up in Canada even if the seating isn't very much.

Watch the game on the field and enjoy.

hey Earl,
totally agree. All i was intrigued about was how events - football or otherwise would be captured on tv. i suggest that to fill in the space where there is no seating, that the University place banners or flags.

This is a bit of a downer but

there were circumstances in the last years
at the old Les Prince Field that really bugged me.

Perhaps as Manager of Mc Master Athletics and Recreation,
Mr. Robert Hilson, you could look into this annoying matter.

Mac gave out free coupons to the season openers
to the entire freshman class in their frosh pack.

The first year I arrived near game time
and I was told the game was sold out.

I didn't think any more of it.

I recall that there seemed to be
hoards of people still arriving.

The next year I decide to get there early.

What I didn't realize was, the same as the year before,
people were turned away at the gate because

the gatekeepers were waiting until it was determined
that they had seated all the frosh who were coming.

What % of frosh did they think would care
to come to a football game I don't know.

I asked the gatekeepers..where is the line
I can wait in until they feel that all the frosh
that are going to come to the game have arrived.

You can imagine my state of mind
when I was told there is no line.

Hoards of people still arriving.

Mac displayed no concern for the people
from the Hamilton community at that time

If the increased seating doesn't alleviate that problem

someone better come up with a system
that will look after this problem.

Hamilton Tiger-Cat Forum Community,

McMaster will play our first game at
Ron Joyce Stadium on Saturday September 13th
at 7:00 P.M. against the University of Ottawa.

The game is not part of the student
Welcome Week packages, so McMaster students
need to purchase a ticket to attend the game.

If you would like to get a preview of
Ron Joyce Stadium, McMaster is hosting the
CIS Football All-Star game next Saturday
(May 10th) at 4:00 P.M.

On that day, members of the Hamilton community
can view the stadium.

We will all have to wait until September 13th for the Grand Opening, when Ron Joyce Stadium is 100% complete, and fully decorated (Concourse Walls, Flags on Flag Poles, Full Video Board production etc.)

Robert Hilson
Department of Athletics & Recreation
McMaster University

Thanks for the heads up.........I saw a clip on TV about the new stadium......I found it kind of neat that a lot of the facilities like parking and offices are actually underground.........under the field

I know that the old offices at Ivor Wynne have always been referred to as "the bunker" but you guys at McMaster have taken it to a new level....................hahaha

Congrats on the new "digs"

Good Luck in 2008!


McMaster Tiger-Cat Forum Community,

There are no offices under the stadium,
just 335 parking spots.

Above the underground parking lot are
is the participant area which includes
locker rooms (Football, Men's Rugby,
Women's Rugby, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer,
and Several Visitor Locker Rooms), a Sports
Medicine area (Taping, Hot Tubs, Cold Tubs,
Ice etc.), A Facility Service office,
Laundry Area and Storage.

Above the Participant area is the Concourse
(Washrooms, Concessions, Merchandise etc.)

Above the Participant area is the Media
Area (Home and Visitor Spotters Boxes,
Three Broadcast Boxes, a Print Media area,
Statistics, Public Address, Videoboard
and Audio)

Above the Media area (on the roof of the
Press Box) is a filming area for technical
film (i.e. for the coaches to film the

Robert Hilson
Department of Athletics & Recreation