Ted Michaels has a bad day.....

So I'm driving along Mud Street heading towards the "Linc" about 5:45 pm tonight hoping to get out onto the Linc and make it home after a long, hot day working......

OH NO !....traffic is jammed and moving at a snail's pace....!!...what the hell?.....I'm tired and don't need this!

So after like a half hour I finally see a police cruiser with it's lights on right at the bend as it turns into one lane only before you enter the Linc.....

ok, it's an accident I'm thinking.....

As I get close I see a vehicle that looks suspiciously like my friend Ted Michael's car.....the front wheel is sideways and there are skid marks on the road.....the axel clearly broke on this vehicle and it was sitting sideways almost totally blocking the one west bound lane...... A Hamilton Police Officer was protecting it till the tow truck arrives... but traffic was still jammed up......

.......So, as I pass I see someone standing there with the cop.......Ted Michaels!!......lmao!.....so I pull over to see if I can help a friend.....the cop was cool and we joked a bit on the shoulder.....why?......Ted was on his way to be the Master of Ceremonies at Carmen's Banquet Centre tonight......occasion?.....get this..... the Annual Police Week Awards ceremony for police personnel and civilian awards..

So as time was short and the road wasn't going to be cleared for a while until the Tow Truck did it's job, I gave Ted a drive right up the front door of Carmens to get him there in time.....

How ironic that this happened on his way to do his service to the police when just minutes before his broken vehicle was causing problems for the Linc....and the police !!!!.....hahahaha

:lol: :lol: :|

(Stay tuned to CHML in the coming days as Ted tries to explain why he jammed up commuter traffic.....hahaha)......isn't he supposed to report the news instead of creating it?...... :lol:

He made it to the show on time though so that's good..... :cowboy:

So,like that's not irony.
Its a coincidence. Irony would be if he was going to Carmen's give a speech, like, on how slow or unhelpful emergency services are or how he had a perfect driving record etc..

Fascinating story though.

I found it quite boring actually.

He thought yesterday was a bad day ... wait till he finds out he is not the new play-by-play voice of the
Tiger Cats.

And why was that story posted here?

tough crowd

Because the football season has yet to start - we need something to talk about and Ted is a great friend of the Ticats, the story happened in Hamilton, and it makes a good story (at least some of us like it).

So keep those human interest stories, or Bulldogs stories, or cool trivia stories coming. Otherwise life gets a little boring around here until the season starts.

Cheers, Bob.

Sorry bob, but I thought that theis forum was titled "Tiger-Cats Chat", not "Off Topic".

Tough, not yet drowned out by the IWS P.A. crowd* :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

There's gotta be a free lunch in there somewhere for you Mikey. :wink:

hope so......yum, yum :wink:


A "great friend of the TiCats" had car trouble is a good human interest story? You gotta be kidding.

I'm with diesel27 and sigpig on this one. It's so off topic (not to mention boring, irrellevant and pointless) . There already exists a forum for such stories. I think there are plenty of interesting football related topics being discussed here which is a football forum.

So keep those human interest stories,
Human interest? Not! :) So we can turn this board into our personal blog space now?

(shrug) TETO. I'm glad someone found it interesting.

Leonard Nimoy :expressionless: created the palm-up-split-fingered Vulcan salute by noticing a rabbi doing it in a synagogue one day and Captain Kirk's serial number is SC937-0176CEC.



enlighten me (via PM if you prefer) What the heck does this mean?

Try google. It's amazing.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

What I'm really hearing here is your collective disappointment I'm not around much anymore to share my in-depth football analysis with you guys....

..you guys don't fool me one bit..... :wink: :lol:

Serious, hope everyone is well and has a great Victoria Day weekend.....

I love fireworks!.....oooooooooooooo, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 8)

The irony is soon we'll all be preferring this to the "guess who I bumped into at the stadium today?" stories and the founding of the Nick Setta and Rocky Butler Fan Clubs all of which is just around the corner.

I don't know about that Captain. If anybody can weasel a free lunch out of somebody then it would be none other than our very own Sunshine Superman.

You guys are a tough crowd.

Everyone is as welcome here as anyone else.

Play nice.

I dont get what all the off-topic whining is all about. after all there really isn't much going on in the way of football and the best part about it.. the TITLE says it all.. you don't HAVE to read EVERY post... skip it if you don't want to read.. simple imo

:twisted: :cowboy: