Ted Laurent

1st bad news on the year DL Ted Laurent was seen walking in wearing street clothes did not practice

Its nothing serious as per Coach Austin in todays update. Couple nicks is all.

I heard that it was just a bit of neck strain and you KNOW that Austin is going to err on the side of caution with his top FA signing. Giving him the day off just leaves more reps for other players who might be trying to make the roster or be needed back ups. There were apparently 2 or 3 others who are a bit nicked up and didn't practice but so far, the team has managed to avoid any major injury issues aside from maybe the rookie draft pick Fauber-Lussier who has a hamstring pull. Not good for him when he's looking to grab a spot on the team or PR.

The trainer was working on his legs yesterday and he got up walked around then said " NO Fing Way " and limped under the tunnel so doubt its neck

Teddy not ready, disaster of biblical proportions. :frowning:

No Teddy?

That's not good but typical for us the last few seasons

It doesn't sound too serious. Maybe a couple days off for an old vet does more good then harm. Not taking camp reps will not be a problem for BIG Ted.
When the season starts tell him to line up in the middle and smash a few blue guys around. EASY stuff!