Ted Laurent

...This guy is a beast and a free agent...We need someone like Laurent to upgrade the D....I hope we go hard after him and at least drive up the bidding for his services... As a result another quality guy will certainly shake loose in Ham. as they are definitely up against the sms next year...Such is the world of football when you are successful, especially in this league... This is 3 years in a row that the Cats have come up empty and are now 16 years without a Cup....Trying to keep pace with us I guess :lol: If this sounds a little mercenary, so be it...Walters has a shot at upgrading this team in fa and next year he better show his worth...Such is the competitive world of football... :wink:

Players follow coaches, we got O’Shea and in turn Romby, Kuale, Schell, Adams, JFG…not much more to say really.

There's some truth to that but it's far from being the rule. Ted Laurent specifically is a perfect example. He didn't follow any particular coach to Hamilton when he left the Esks as a FA.

I believe Laurent & Austin have the Ole Miss connection.

Both Marcel and Hall brought guys in they coached before too.

University of Mississippi, but ya, I think they just overlapped a year or two in their time. I didn't go past their CFL time.

Tillman drafted Laurent and probably offered him a boatload to pull him out of there.

Forgot about Tillman. Ah well, we'll see this offseason how far any loyalty to Tillman and/or Austin goes. There will be 8 other GMs offering him a boatload of money to pull him out of Hamilton this offseason, especially after the season he had and trying to entice him to sign for more than just one year. And we'll see if they're loyal enough to him to give him a big contract at the expense of signing a few more of their crop of FAs.

Tillman, still one of the best player personnel guys in the league, forgot about him too but I guess he has to maintain a low profile still. :lol:

Ted is going to go wherever the money is. Saskatchewan offered 250k to Duron. Jones wants a Canadian starter at DT. Laurent will be his first phone call. Walters should not even bother to bug him unless he's willing to offer at least that much. If Toronto loses Laing and Harris, they will offer him that kind of money as well. I can't see him back in Hamilton, they just have way too many loose ends.

...Isn't 250k what you guys paid for Carter...I guess that lets you out of the Laurent sweepstakes, a place I thought he might land...Laurent might be too expensive but don't count Walters out...he's one of our targets..I don't want to talk crazy money BUT if Jones wants him he better be prepared to back up the truck, and I don't see Jones overpaying for anyone...Dressler and Chick found that out...We are going to surprise a lot of people in about a week...I'm predicting the Bombers will nail down some excellent talent that will make this team a definite contender.. :wink:

Only way I see the Als offering Laurent the money he's looking for is if we lose Josh Bourke. I doubt that happens but if it does, it frees up 200k. Really when the Als made Henoc their MLB a guy like Laurent became a luxury. Als can play 8 Canadians no problem.

Jones said he wanted to start Canadians at Guard, Center, receiver (2) DT and Safety.

He's going to draft Vaillancourt. Sign Chambers, Edem, a couple defensive tackles, likely Laurent or Laing and at least another probably Shologan... at least that's how I see his rebuild.

Kind of interesting to hear Jones talking about how too few guys were occupying too much cap in releasing Chick and Dressler and restructuring Durant, all the while appearing to offering similar lucrative contracts to Carter and potentially Laurent which would in effect put them in the same position, just younger I suppose. Riders have the biggest bank to spend and Jones I think uses a bunch of it for his defense. Laurent probably gets the biggest offer from the Riders. A lot of DL available from the east teams and I expect he'll continues to add at least one if not two from the Shologan/Capicotti/Hall/Hickman/Laing/Cummings/Okpalaugo group in a completely rebuilt Dline. Then he'll poach from the Esks - Chambers I expect, possibly Stafford as he traded to get him from Montreal. Former Esks Aaron Grymes and JC Sherritt I think could also relocate to Regina. Then he may target someone like Courtney Stephen as well to add to the secondary. It would not shock me at all to see the Riders add 6-7 FAs to the defensive side alone.

He will use free agency to fix his Canadian content, has no choice really. As for his imports, he’s going to rely more on recruiting between him and Murphy that won’t be a problem.

.....Riders also have the most roster spots to fill and those (if he's using fa to fill them) will come at high cost and competition for said players....The money only goes so far until you start running into budget concerns....Jones has a penchant for d talent alright BUT he also has some sort of code he goes by as far as spending on one particular player....Taking that into consideration I don't think he'll have enough to land Laurent...(offers are going to get crazy) and fill his other needs.... Also apparently the Riders hold all of the recruiting cards (see Murphy hiring, although I didn't see all that much talent brought in by him when he was in the Peg)...They'll most likely depend on their recruiting skills (ahem) to fill out spots not done in fa....The Bombers also have a nice stipend and a lot less holes to fill than the green guys... Considering our other targets...(Medlock, Ryan Smith, and possibly Cappicciotti/Hickman (as well Andrew Harris) I don't think we'll be able to come up with enough scratch to get it done with Laurent either...I do think however that the Bombers and Riders will end up being the biggest players in fa and that will most likely see both clubs corralling some real nice talent.

Leave the guy alone and in Hamilton. :x

…If Ted wants to find a new home and a nice pay day, why would you want to stand in his way…Respect the man with the some cash if you want to keep him orrrrr somebody else will :wink:

The only code Jones has is Winning. The rest is just white noise he fed the Rider fans. You can't cut Dressler and then make a play to make Carter the highest paid receiver in the league and say your not going to pay the highest price per position. He discredited himelself saying something so sill. Inexperience maybe. You pay what the market bares.

I guess we did come up with the cash and lots of it. lol

.....so you're happy....we're happy.....it's all good :smiley:

Why Laurent resigned from this? You are telling he is a good person. Then why are you searching for another? I think better to call back him for accepting his services.