Ted Laurent signs with the Cats

The Cats now have without a doubt the best Canadian talent and depth in the entire league.Laurent's signing now gives the Cats the potential to start 10 Canadians easily,3 over the max of 7.The worst case scenario would have them starting 9 Cdns.

Cat's potential starting 10 Canadians :smiley: :rockin: :smiley:

Receiver's Fantuz,Giguere
O.Line: Wojt,O'Neill,Myddelton
D.Line: Bulcke,Laurent
L.Backer: Plesius
D.Backs: Stevens,Butler

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Ti-Cat press release.

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Great signing by Hamilton. In the past years Hamilton has improved significantly in Non-Import players.

While their QB situation remains unproven, I definitely believe that Hamilton will be the team to beat in the East.


Great signing by Hamilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did Edmonton choice to not resign him????????? Thats a key position!!
Need someone quick and mean!!!! Ted great backup for sure..


Man you have to hand it to Austin et al. Seems whoever they target in their sights they get. They've almost turned that roster over in the first calendar year while making it to the GC. amazing. Austin is definitely a guy with a plan.

As much as I hate to admit it, the Cats are my early season prediction to take the East.

Amazingly Austin has turned over two thirds of the roster since arriving here last year,there's only 15 players left from the 2012 Georgie "Sharpie" Cortez team that ended up at 6-12 and dead last in the league that season.Since Austin arrived on the scene he has said goodbye to veterans the likes of Hage,Stala,Knowlton,Johnson,Williams,Webb,Tisdale,Smith,Kelly,Burris,Hinds,Congi,Jones,Isaac,Patrick etc etc just to name a few.If you want to have a good chuckle you should go to the Ti-Cat forum and check out our Ti-Cat All Haunt team thread :cowboy: check it out :lol: .....viewtopic.php?f=5&t=89355

and IMO his happiest day was when Burris left town

Austin commands respect and builds a good team

Kinda makes you wonder what kind of dynasty he and Tillman may have maintained in Sask if past circumstances hadn't happened. Model is looking similar. Best Canadian talent. Mobile QB. Ratio breakers. Constant competition.

Intelligent QB...Burris didnt fit his mold

Agreed re Burris. Austin was barely hiding his murderous frustration last year. But you have to really hand it to him...he pulled the trigger and made the change boldly. He really knows what he wants and has unfettered authority to do it apparently.

Nope we are the underdog thank you very much..........................

WOW. Austin cant get a drafted top Canadian DT to cometo camp to go with Blcke so he just signed the best one in the league.
No question Bulcke and Laurent will be starting and could have an import rotate in or just stick with Hazime. Takes a lot of pressure in having to start Stephan at CB. The conversion can be done in a timely fasion

It may give them enough flexibility to start two American Tackles.

I will say there were times when Austin looked like he was going to strangle Hank, but I wouldn't call Austin's behavior towards him murderous frustration. I think he saw the tools Hank has, specifically a gun for an arm with veteran instincts who might not have been as mobile in the pocket as he'd like (due to his age) or read things the same way he did. He used all the tools Hank had when appropriate and called in LeFavour and Masoli to use the tools they had when appropriate.

That being said, everyone knows Hank is on his way out. Ideally he's only going to be sticking around for 3-5 years at max. At some point the trigger had to be pulled and the team needed to invest in the future. I probably would have done it differently, specifically ran Hank till his contract was up and and then give LeFevour the reigns when the time came.

However Austin probably saw a need to upgrade other components of the team, specifically on defense (given the Laurent and Butler signings) and needed cap room, and there is little question that Hank was taking up the most cap space on the team. It was a decision that needed to be made, it just got made sooner rather then later, and Collaros is a more proven QB then LeFevour. It was a move that stripped the Argos of their future as Ricky Ray isn't immortal either.

I think the fact we got to the Grey Cup was a little misleading. Sure we made it, but mostly off the backs of the east division and Winnipeg. We lost once to Edmonton, we didn't beat Sask or Calgary once during the season and we barely squeaked in past Montreal. There was a need for improvements on the team and Austin has made them.

Really all of their decisions will rest on Zach's performance at the QB position. If Zach is a top notch starter they will look like geniuses, if not... I think it is a safe bet but we shall see.

Exactly. I think Collaros will do well for them, but of course, nothing is guaranteed, particularly at the QB position.

On the Oline yes I think two american tackles has been the plan all along. Simmons and Dile were left overs and he bought in Figs to take Diles RT spot but Dile proved very useful playing both RT and LT when needed. Bropught in Alford to add some real competition.
O'Neil and Filer both have been proven starters in the CFL and could fill the center and LG spot but they also have a ton of cmpetition behind them

True, though I think that if he flunks out they can be OK with Lefevour at the helm.

Aside from maybe depth at NI OL, the Ticats have done well drafting and adding NI FAs over the last couple of seasons that they've built up one of the best NI rosters in the league.

Kind of a surprise that Laurent signed with Hamilton. Montreal seemed to be the front runner. I forgot that he went to Mississippi, so he would know Austin from his College days. Might of had something to do with his decision, beside Money.
Hamilton will be tough to run against up the middle and Laurent can collapse the pocket at times.

Talked to Cohen Today. He's sending the Grey Cup to Hamilton immediately.