Ted Is Wrong

It's not the players
It the Coaches.. They Chose the Players..
The Head Coach Picks his Staff..
They Install the game plan..

Are you kidding me ? Not the players fault ? Did you see Yeast drop a ball right in his hands that would of led to a TD ?? How about the ball in Ralphs hads that would of been 7 also ?? Montreal players make the plays when the ball is thrown to them , bottom line !!!

then why doesnt marshall let kwame kavil play a damn game?

coaches are the idiots here.

Greg has lost this Team...

Bottom Line

It Comes down to coaching ...

Doesn't look like he's lost his team to me.

They never quit.

SOME stupidity killed us...but all in all...things looked better.

About Kavil...who comes out?

If Kavil is in the game who do you sit out ? You have to sit out an import to put Kavil in who is it gonna be ??

I've seen teams where the players have quit on the coach. (See 1-17.) We're not there yet.

Quinnie, Fatafehi (sp)

Theres many moves that can be made considering we started 1 Canadian too many again this week.

Crash if it were that easy dont you think he would of done that already ???

You're kidding right?

Marshall's refusal to make roster changes to get guys in the lineup has been his biggest downfall since taking this team over.

See Examples...

  • Bobby Brooks
  • Chuck Tack
  • Iain Fleming

Sorry but Marshall relies on "his" guys way too long.

Kwame Cavil should be in there over Peterson right now, and should possibly be in the slot with Brock Ralph on the outside.

What harm could it do to shake things up now?

Ralph ?? wasnt he the guy who dropped the ball in the endzone tonight ?? Didnt he go offside the last game ??

This is how it works, last time I checked. At a certain point when teams lose, it is customary for someone in the chain of command to be relieved of his duties.

It does not mater that made this gaffe or that one at a particular place or time. It is a culmulative effect of not…winning.

Whether the GM is the really responsible person for the situation or not is moot because ordinarily the people below that position in the food chain are somewhat more susceptible to being relievfed at some point for continued lack of success.

It’s a question of whether the team starts to win by the end of this month or a trap door is engaged, I would say. Finger pointing or sniffing is interesting to a point, but at some point something’s got to give.

I do not foresee changes en masse in the roster since the core of the team on paper definitely has potential. The continued lack of discipline and outcoaching in the second half of games – simply from a results standpoint – will tell the tale at some point if it’s not fixed.

Oski Wee Wee,

So what your saying is no player is accountable ??? Fire the coach and all the stupidity with cease ? Dream on !!!!!

Your answer is the coach and it is consistent with all your posts as i havent read of you saying one player or another should be moved .

Your answer is it is a player-related issue and it is consistent with all your posts as I haven’t read of you saying one or more coaches should ultimately be held responsible and be fired at a certain point.


Read the depth-chart posts for the last few games. I have made suggestions when I’ve felt like it to do so.

As for Marshall keeping his job, I have not ONCE called for his firing. I think my mistake is that I point out that the buck will stop with him eventually if we don’t win soon. My guess is that if we fall to 0-7, it won’t even be a question. And that ISN’T my call, that’s cold hard reality.

If we do not iron out the discipline-related issues and find ways to win second-half battles, it’s over. Dropped passes? Bad route-running? Poor blocking?Fumbles? Fixable stuff. Too many men and other killer coaching-dependent penalties game after game? Axeable stuff for those who eventually make those decisions. Sorry.

The margin we have for error at 0-4 is razor-thin. We are losing games both in execution and mental focus.

I REALLY hope this turns around.

Oski Wee Wee,

I say Marshall kept his job tonite.Im his biggest critic.As far as im concerned he was not out coached.We lost because players are taking dumb penalties.Tim Cheatwood for example.A blocked punt,receivers dropping the ball thats clearly catchable.(Brock Ralph).These players who continue to take bad penalties should be sat down for a game.The Cheatwood penalty was on 2nd and 10,and they get 15yds for roughing the passer,after we had them stopped.They ended up scoring on that drive.If receivers are dropping the ball they should sit,we have lots of depth in the receiver position.I say Marshall lives to coach another game,what happens after the Calgary game on Friday is up in the air.We played Montreal excellent tonite,its the players who cost us the game tonite not the coach.

Quinnie. He didn’t show me anything last night.