Ted Hellards timing?

I was going to post this on the Stamps site but thought that some might think me a troll, despite being a seasons ticker holder. Ted Hellard IMO has made some good moves and some questionable moves but I seriously question his sense of timing. For two straight seasons he has created a level of chaos around the Stamps locker room. Last year he allowed a feud over mascots create a circus atmophere. Now this year the Hufnagel affair took over at a time when the team needed to concentrate on their biggest game of the year.

For the most part Hellard stays out of the limelight but why does he seem to experience a brainfart at playoff time?

I can't really comment since I don't know Hellard that well, but I was doing some reading on the mascot issue, and that was kind of ridiculous. Not to mention juvenile. Perhaps a Stamp fan can shed some light?

From a Rider fan. Calgary please keep Hellard. Please. You said it. Circus.