Tecmo CFL (video game)

I got this from riderfans.com. It's tecmo bowl CFL version. Just download and unzip the two files and you're ready to play.



would be nice, except i have to log in...and i dont have an account, so i cant even see what u are talkin about.

all i get, is a log-in page.

I guess if you want to play the nintendo classic tecmo bowl transformed into a CFL version you'll have to register at www.riderfans.com

My favorite Football game ever just became a CFL game!
I send an email to the guy on the sask website (don't know if it's you roughyfan) in case he needs help with the ratings of the players and to get a 2006 one done.

For those that are under 20, and weren't born when Tecmo Bowl came out for the 8-bit Nintendo ... it was a popular and decent football game - 20 years ago!! Needless to say, most would have considered it garbage 15 years ago. But not in the CFL ...


That game was the BEST football game on the NES.. and by FAR!
It was the only game that had ALL the NFL stars in it. They they got sued cause they didn't have the NFLPA rights all signed for them and they stopped making the game. Bo Jackson and Barry Sanders were sooo good you could score a TD with a Sweep almost everytime! Montana could through a 100 yard pass too I think!
MAN I failed college one semester cause we had a 8 person season going!

Yeah you could play FRANCHISE on a NES game!


no 2 point conversion though, and I like to create my own teams and play them, but good game none the less.

I guess most of you have a soft spot for this game as I do for Final Fantasy 7 and 8, Pokemon, and Super Play Action Football (not joke, that was a good game that feature the word "Action" in it)