Technically difficult to do?

I am wondering if it is possible to have those audio dishes the TV people use to have these set up around the field somehow where the sound of the game could be captured, minus players telling each other to f this or f that, and send it to the public speaker system in the stadium? I have no idea if this could be done but man that would be cool if it could. Just when the play is happening, not after the whistle so you could hear the crunches and sound of the pads and that.

Not Likely.. They Team can Mic a player.
But the Dishes for Sound have to be sent to a Production Truck and then to TSN and back there would too much delay..

If they did the other way it cause echo is Tv Broadcast.

Sounds pretty XFL-ish to me.

But in hockey they have mics hanging from the ceiling to pick up the sound of the boards and puck, why is bush to do this for football?

When you get to the game look ceiling.