Technical subject: Double-posting issues on the site

To the webmaster et al:

I am having problems with posting on the site. A lot of the time recently, I am double-posting even when I hit the "submit" button once. Most of the time, I'm using a Safari for Windows browser. I notice that others have also noticed this. Is there a problem and is it being worked on?

Oski Wee Wee,

I've noticed the same thing,





i HATE 'too soon to post another'

this is BS and needs to be fixed.

never had this problem

Same with Firefox.
It seems to take forever to send a message. I just hit the red stop link on the browser after 30 secs or so and then the re-load circle. Usually my post is there even though it was still processing at my end.

i also have noticed this.

Sometimes I double click. I do notice it takes me a long time to post my 2 cents.

It is fine.
No issues.

It is fine.
No issues.

same issue for PM's. I receive 2 all the time.

That double post cracked me up pretty good. LOL

I'm mainly having this problem with sending PM's. Not so much with the threads.

There is a symbol to erase it. Not an X but a star[?]
in the lower right hand body of the post.

[but separate from the usual symbols]


My double posts take a long time to go through
and I get a fatal error message on my screen.