His performance just proves that our QB's can play in that league. Finally a big crack in the myth that they are sooooo much better down there then up here.

I clearly missed something. Can someone fill me in?

The argument that the NFL being superior to CFL?? Total joke

CFL tops!

Mind you I like Tebow and what he represents. I hope he does very well!!

To knowledge tebow has never been on a CFL field. so what am i not seeing in this thread?

The bow has proven nothing yet. He's only played 1 game. He is no savior yet.

Are we speaking of Tim Tebow the Heisman winner?

He played in the CFL?

Far as I can tell he's never played in Canada at all at any level. So I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove...

especially since one game doesn't prove anything.

Maybe since Marc tresman coached him at one time a bit, and because montreal has(had) him on their neg list, the OP thought there was CFL connection. i dont really see one. perhaps a thread move is in order.


Im looking at a ball... and your on top of that ball!

well first off very very few NFL people gave any high hopes for Tim Tebow in the NFL. His style was very well suited for him playing in the SEC and the Gators were very lucky to have him he was great there and his style of play would be better off for the CFL but i would hate to see him land there.

There are VERY few rookies that walk into a league and do great right off the start of their careers he is still learning the game and the mechanics of playing in the NFL he's getting there he'll be ok maybe not great but he'll manage.

His first start was memorable and caught everyone off guard and beat the odds.

I’ve been pessimistic on his future in the NFL, and see him as better suited to be groomed in the CFL, but now I’ll hold back and watch what he does through November.

I would not bet a cent on him, but I sure would not bet too much against him at this point.

There you go ...from hero to zero in a week ...he is who we (or most of us) thought he was as a pro QB.

Amazingly Matt Stafford came back from quite an injury to have a great game.

Back to snooze guys until he shows up for real against a good team.

Tebow is garbage....He wont be in the NFL much longer he cant compete on this level and he only won at Florida based on other skilled players...The CFL can have him Tebow being white will keep him on the field and if he was black he wouldnt even be dressed ina NFL uniform

NFL QB's rarely if ever make a CFL roster. (Flutie excepted)

Wow I see some are still playing that race card and it never gets old for them I suppose ...I thought we judge people by their play not their colour of skin or other physical characteristics with which they were born, but wow lookey now -- we have here an exception!

Let me take a wild guess -- Terrell Pryor is God too so he should have more playing time and never should have been suspended? :lol:

It's not the first time you've done that on this forum Ohio and it won't be the last along with that sorry and lame "if it's not from Ohio State and near where I live it sucks rant" and the like.

Back to the 1970s or so dude and your sorry and lame bunch in Columbus and stay there as most of the rest of us had moved on well before Rush Limbaugh.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I'll take him to replace Glenn or Porter in a second !!!!!

well to replace them both actually... but i doubt he'll go to the CFL

the only way IMHO i see him in the CFL is through marc tressman. They have a small connection from a while back. Montreal has had two previous gator QB's before tebow (mcpherson and leak). I also dont see tebow being willing to sign a two year contract away from the NFL. He has way too much arrogence to go from NFL starter to second string behind mcpherson, or even third string if A.C. decides he wants another season or two.

BUT if montreal does not have his NEG rights at all, and he is was open minded about any team in the CFL... Hamilton would seem reasonable. Sask i think is happy with durrant, and they dont have the cap room... Not sure Toronto want to take another chance on an NFL reject with no experience. Calgary and BC are good i feel, Ray is not going anywhere, so again he would be a backup. SO how about winnipeg? Im not convinced Brink has it yet, and how much time can we give peirce?

well Tebow does have more of a natural passing ability and mobility than both Glenn and Porter, so it wouldn't hurt to give him a shot.
And he's as elusive as they come for a QB that's for certain.
Would love to see him confuse the DT's and LB's of this league.

Question is, would Tebow accept CFL salary?

He's making what, 2-3 mil per year now? Even as a 2nd or 3rd string in the NFL, he would make more than a first stringer here.

I guess it all depends on his love for the game or love of money.