Tebow wont be coming to the CFL??

Montreal Alouettes own the rights to Tim Tebow but he wont be coming to the CFL he has signed a deal with the New England Patriots for all those who were speculating that he might come north to the CFL it's not going to happen??

Unless he gets beat out in the pre-season and let go, then he could join the Als in Sept.

New England fans have a Teboner.

Why would Tebow ever play in the CFL for peanuts, when he could rack in millions per year as a college analyst in his home country?

Cashing in on being named to Forbes' 2013 List Of America's Most Influential Athletes is more more lucrative than holding a clipboard behind Calvillo, with the extreme longshot of starting and earning a contract in the $250K range.

Just like Moe Petrus, for some players, there are more viable career options than playing in our beloved CFL...I don't degrudge them in the slightest for thinking long term...

Ya, you can have Tebow. We are sick of hearing about him in NFL land. I don't feel he is suited for any NFL position. Well maybe linebacker.. :? He's just more of a distraction on any team he is on.

The guy seems like a genuine guy to me, all the best to him. You have to give him credit, a player not all that talented but works hard and able to make pro ball, pretty darn decent I would say. A grinder.

the problem with Tebow is that he is a jack of all trades, yet master of none.
A gifted athlete who possesses excellent mobility, strength, explosiveness and agility, although not as a top tier quarterback.

Success in the CFL is not assured either due to his inerrant passing skills, and while he may very well have better fortune at another position, the longer he is adamant to be a QB, the longer the odds stretch.

Johnny Manziel, this year’s Heisman trophy winner is on Hamilton’s negotiation list. Just like Tebow, we will never see Johnny in the CFL either.